Sentimentally and Justice


This work of Russian art, «А Я ВСЁ РАВНО ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ, МАМА!» (“I still love you, Mama!”), has few or no equivalents in the West.

For one thing, it is Official Doctrine that all Western artists are liberals, and therefore all support abortion.

And you aren’t going to find much dissent, anywhere, in the artistic circles of the Free West. *cough, cough*

Sure, once upon a time Christians in the West made powerful art: but that was before gutless, feminine preaching took control, the seminaries got going removing the spiritual testicles of young fervent believers, and we got drooling, safe, profitable, milky, non-controversial sap from the likes of Kinkade to lead Christian art into oblivion.

It should be noted that this art does not go nearly far enough: it portrays the woman as a guilt-ridden victim, and this is simply not true in most cases. And the doctor who killed the child and the boyfriend who probably endorsed it are nowhere to be found.

All three – certainly the doctor, probably the woman and quite likely her partner as well – are guilty of murder, and would be executed by the lawful magistrate in a actually-Christian society.

Sentimentally is no substitute for justice.

All that being said, there is simply no possibility of any such art — even as mildly reproachful of abortion as this work — would ever, under any circumstances, be exhibited in a Western museum.

In contrast, you can find any amount of Western art that is insulting and contemptuous of Christianity and its “bourgeois morality”: that kind of ‘transgressive art’ is a dime a dozen, of course.

Oddly, you won’t find anything that challenges Islam though: or even Marx. Hmmm.

And if you really want transgressive art, try looking for something that depicts homosexuality in a negative light. You’ll be looking for a long, long, long time…

Every society has its standards of blasphemy, after all. Those who worship the wrong gods are to be kept in their place, while those who worship the right gods are to be exalted.

This is especially true in secular societies, which bleat and bloviate about how free they are, how they break every rule, how they challenge every norm.

In summary: When slacker, timid, boot-licking Christians get tired of being spat upon and ground under the heel – just as Jesus predicted in Matthew 5:13 – let me know.

There is no neutrality: either you rule your enemies, or your enemies rule you.

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