A Wise Muslim Population

From Marine Le Pen’s surprise supporters

National Front leader Marine Le Pen, daughter of Jean-Marie and currently on trial on charges of hate speech for comparing Muslims praying in the streets to the Nazi occupation of France, is expected to come in first or second in the first round of the French elections scheduled in April.

A vocal Donald Trump supporter, Le Pen even has a chance of following in the tycoon’s footsteps and clinching the presidency. One would think that the country’s five million Muslims would be unanimous in opposing her; but to many residents of the banlieues, Le Pen is simply another politician — no better or worse than any other candidate, and just as likely to disappoint.

* * *

Three young men lean against a railing at the road corner, just a few yards from an Islamic bookshop. All are Muslim, they say. One, who wears a bright, reflective jacket, is a driver and mechanic.

“I’m not against Le Pen,” he tells me. “If she wins, it will be a good thing. The left and right are all bastards. They promise things and they don’t deliver. Let’s vote for Le Pen and see what happens. It won’t change anything for us.”

The Muslims are not fools.

Yes, their culture have many faults, from devaluing the lives of unbelievers (i.e.: inequality before the law) to a willingness to turn to violence.

But they know the value of a politician’s promise, and their violence does not extend to killing their own children in the womb.

In this, they have a better understanding of the basics of (certain aspects of) Biblical law than 95% of the general population (and 100% of the ruling classes).

And they do not fear politicians who detest them. An alien ruler is seen as an alien, without authority in their community. Foreigners can yap all they want: they know full well who has children, and who doesn’t.

Whose community is expanding, and whose is shrinking.

When will Western Christians treat their local or national government in such a dismissive manner? Never, is my guess – no matter how much they are spat on by their masters, they still long for the approval of their Social Betters.

When will Western Christians insist on ruling themselves, by Christian laws? Never, as long as they refuse to even acknowledge the very possibility of a specifically Christian, Biblical law code.

No Law? No Culture, no Voice, No Power.

Just a certain grovelling before the next set of insulting and contemptuous demands, before you are simply blown away, forgotten, irrelevant, and unmourned.

But the prevailing consensus of ambivalence — and even guarded optimism — toward the National Front among the community its leader most openly despises would shock most pollsters.

Across the world, voters are electing populists to “drain the swamp” and punish the “elites.” In the Parisian banlieues, the prevailing attitude is that it hardly matters which politician is elected, because they’re convinced it won’t make any difference to their lives.

For these people, citizens of France who live as outsiders, the system is beyond repair.

Some cultures are faster on the pick-up than others.


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