Choosing to Act Wisely, Choosing to Live

I gave my grim-optimistic prognosis of American Christianity for the short term in my post, Choosing to do Nothing, Choosing to Die.

In short, due to the financial incompetence of the Secular State (something they share with their Socialist & Communist atheistic cousins, if in a less spectacular degree), coupled with rapidly-spreading decentralization, the Liberal American Empire will fall.

(Note that I did not say,

“Due to a great surge of Christian resistance, powered by independently-thinking, non-conformist, entrepreneurial believers led by hardcore, self-sacrificing clergy — the legendary Back Robe Regiment — the profoundly anti-Christian ruling class was driven back under the filthy rocks they crawled out from, with cultural, political, and economic authority once again returning to the hands of men who fear God above all.”

Why didn’t I say this?

  • Far too many Christians fear men much more than they fear God;
  • Far too many Christians dread the risk inherent in winning authority and responsibility, far preferring to have a ring put in their nose and led around like so many cattle by their Secularistic Betters;
  • Far too many Christians follow Rapture “run from reality” Escape Religion;
  • Far too many Christian businessmen – those who actually gained a level of success, that is – believe in a “get along to go along” philosophy;
  • and Far too many pastors are graduates from those humanist-driven emasculating schools called seminaries, complete with their studiously irrelevant curriculum. “But it’s sure to meet with the approval of our 100% Secular Academic Accreditation Board!”

(Odd: Harvard never bothered beg for the approval of an accreditation board. I wonder why… Perhaps because they have zero interest in imitating the pack of third-rate scholars known as Christian Academia, and indeed, aim far higher than that group of impact-free failures?))

The Fire-Breathing Christian, being younger than I am (a good thing) and more optimistic (a very good thing!), sees things rather differently.

In his article, From One Ark To Many: How God Is Preserving His People And Purging His Enemies, he outlines the many ways God is moving now, to secure a better future for His people later.

Contrary to popular opinions currently dominating American evangelicalism (and thereby leading the rest of American culture down the drain), it isn’t God’s people who are destined to be swept off the face of His earth.

It isn’t the people of God who ultimately lose out here in “the real world”.

It isn’t supernaturally saved, Spirit-filled New Creatures in Christ who will be purged completely from the scene here on terra firma.

Oh no.

Not by a long shot.

To the contrary, it is the enemies of God who are destined for that end. (See, for example: Psalm 2, Psalm 110, Matthew 22:24; Hebrews 10:13.)

It’s proud, unrepentant rebels against the all-encompassing authority of King Jesus who will be purged and wiped from the face of His earth.

See, the Fire Breathing Christian believes in the property rights of God, as Owner and Maker of the entire Creation (including you and me).

Put another way, the one thing that most professing Christians in America seem to believe most  about the Great Commission is that it can’t be done. (For more on this painful but important truth, please read What do American Christians believe most about the Great Commission? That it can’t be done.)

How pathetic is that?


As happens so many times in history, God’s people have far less respect for God than His enemies – enemies who fear Him so very much, that they are driven to spend vast amounts of money and resources – even raise up entire ‘free public educational systems’ – to stifle the spread of the Gospel as completely as they can.

They fear the power of God far more than most Christians do!

The remarkable technologies that the Lord has already provided have been used by Him to begin and escalate this process. The technologies that He is providing now are pushing that movement along, and at a quickening rate that absolutely terrifies the fans and managers of the centralized systems under which we now (temporarily) labor.

But they can’t stop what’s coming.

Nobody can.

This frightens them, of course.

As it should.

And while they should be frightened – terrified, even – they shouldn’t be nearly as frightened as God’s people are inspired by the thought of what is happening here, now, and in the future for His people on His earth.

A million arks are being built even now, all by God’s grace, all for His glory, and all to the benefit of His people.

And the rains are coming soon.

Soli Deo gloria…and let’s roll!

Roll fast, roll hard, roll far.


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