Preparing For The Terminator

The Fire-Breathing Christian has just posted an excellent futuristic article, Preparing For Terminator, Part 1: Identifying Our God-Given Talents In An Age Of Radical Change

I strongly recommend it!

One quotation, his bolding
(I am trying to limit myself from just copy-pasting the whole thing, so you will go to his site and read it there instead):

God’s gift of technology is on the verge of yielding truly awe-inspiring, culture- and civilization-altering breakthroughs (on the heels of a long string of similar breakthroughs). The radical decentralization of economic, industrial, informational, and political power is on the horizon.

The transformational power of personal computers, the Internet, increasingly amazing medical advances, and other fruits of God’s gift of creativity to His image bearers is about to be combined with and amplified by technologies like 3D printers and complex robotics in ways that will soon (not to be confused with “might soon”) radically alter our lives, homes, families, communities, and cultures.

And we should fear none of it.

To the contrary, we as Christians should be embracing the many great gifts that God is purposefully providing so that we might use them to His glory and to the benefit of His people in accordance with our mission. We should be the tip of the spear when it comes to understanding, appreciating, applying and improving the gifts God gives us through technology.

The doors are opening, and the power of the liar and the murderer is dwindling.

With these tools, the wicked can easily destroy himself, and many will do so. It will be harder and harder to harm others and get away with it, though.

A man working to build the Kingdom, on the other hand, can definitely use these tools to multiply his impact 5-fold, 20-fold, 100-fold, even more in time! Righteousness, prosperity, and multiple godly and successful descendants are definitely available, if you have the ability to learn, to serve, to price your labour right, and the humility to repent and turn away from all God-hating, self-destroying sin.

Victory – in this life, as well as the life to come – awaits!


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