“Integration Downward into the Void”

A few comments on this insightful phrase.

First, the necessary preamble, grounded in the nature of Creation, and the officially Evolutionary/Scientific (but really Occultic/Magical) rebellion against our Creator and Lawgiver, Jesus Christ, and His Biblical Word.

From Rushdoony’s Creationism vs Evolution: What is the Source of All Things?

If Christianity does not take Genesis 1 very seriously and literally, it is suicidal. The foundation of its faith has been effectively undermined, and whatever claims the church makes for its faith are undercut and devolved.

The source of things is all-important. If the triune God by His sovereign and just acts created all things, then all things are derivative from God’s act, dependent on His Being, and subject to His total government and predestination. If God is the Creator, He is also the determiner and the lawgiver. If the universe was “created” by an accident, out of nothing, then nothing external to it can determine it. Whatever possibility there is of any determination in the cosmos must then come from that cosmos. The title of a book published in the mid-twentieth century and long in print, Man Makes Himself, by V. G. Childe, states the matter clearly. If the origin of things is from within the cosmos, then, possibly, the control of all things can come from something within that cosmos. This faith leads to man playing God, to man attempting to control evolution, to a belief in a world state controlling all things, and to a religious belief in the powers of time and process.

Evolution is a belief that violates a variety of scientific concepts.

Also, evolution despises quite a lot of basic logical frameworks. Right now, as it runs out of places to hide, it’s trying to develop a pile of impossible-to-verify multiple universes to protect it’s deification of Time and Chance.

It posits spontaneous generation, the emergence of something out of nothing, miraculous changes such as a non-eye somehow becoming an eye, and so on. For God’s creative act, it substitutes time and process and endows both with Godlike powers. Somehow the mindless churnings of process for billions of years work amazing miracles. Somehow, out of total nothing, a single atom emerged, and that single atom had all the potentialities of a universe; in brief, it had amazing god-like powers! Evolution requires belief in miracles greater than any described in the Bible! It is not only the faith of those who hate God but also of those whose premises are irrational ones.

The issue is process versus act, and the difference is a vast one. If the source of being is process, then very important things flow necessarily from that fact. Process originates in an ultimate nothingness, and then a chaos, out of which the cosmos evolved.

Which is how all religions – secular and sacred – see how the world began.

With the exception of those faiths grounded in Genesis 1.

Given such a premise, the source of power must be from below. Anti-Christian scholars make much of the witchcraft trials in Christendom. These came with the Renaissance and its humanism. They were a product of a reviving faith in power from below.

As well as the relegitimization of empire, the resacralization of political power over and above the Commandments of God, etc.

Faithful Christian thinking sees power, which in the Christian world is essentially grace, as coming from above, from the triune God. Man must look above for the source of grace, mercy, love, power, and more. Such a faith will logically regard any power from below as impotent and predestined to defeat. A strong and faithful belief in creation by the triune God in six days will regard all powers other than this God of Scripture as derivative, limited, and totally circumscribed by God’s decree of predestination. It is not a natural process which determines all things but rather the triune God.

People who have faith in God as Creator, Redeemer, King, and Judge have no reason to fear the darkness, and see no reason for such folly either.

Those who despise God – be they Secularists, Muslims, or any other fantasy-dwelling rebel – fear and worship the grave, and the powerless blind things that reside therein.

The issue is process versus act. Our choice is important. If the truth be process, power and grace come from below. Not surprisingly, the culture of evolutionism has led to a revival of occultism and magic. Magic is the belief that power resides in the natural world and is amenable to control by man. Non-Biblical sciences are closely related to magic and represent sophisticated versions thereof. Magic is a search for lawless power. When geneticists talk of genetic engineering, their ideas at times are more related to magic than medicine.

They aren’t the only ones: remember the recent article I spoke of, where machines gain souls and self-awareness thanks to the handwaving of the author, and some blather about inevitability?

If we recognize God as the Creator, then for us the source of all power, grace, law, and morality is from above. Situational ethics is then, for us, evil: it is an attempt to play god. Virtue for us, in the sense of strength and morality, is from God alone, not man. An evolutionary premise and faith will mean that we will seek virtue from below. Quite logically, Emile Durkheim, in The Rules of Sociological Method, saw the criminal as an evolutionary pioneer. Durkheim, in terms of his faith, saw, first, the criminal as a potent force because he came from below, from the underworld of man, and second, he saw the criminal as the vanguard of man’s evolutionary future because the criminal challenges the existing order.

A love of filth and sin and failure, which leads to a love of blindness and death, which leads to hell – and then the Lake of Fire, and an eternity of pain, powerlessness, and defeat.

That’s one road I pray that all my readers avoid!

The evolutionist will logically see virtue and power as emanating from below. In practical terms, he will favor those who are socially “from below.” He will see virtue in criminals, in street people, in ghetto blacks (but not in Japanese, because they excel), and he will work for criminal “rights,” feminism, and so on and on.

The result is the religion of revolution. Revolutions, usually the work of anti-Christian intellectuals,

…often raised in Christian or Christian-influened households…

are done in the name of the people, by which is meant those socially at the bottom level. These supposedly incarnate virtue, which must come from below. Revolutions have been either pagan, as the fifth century A.D. Mazdakite revolution in Persia, which made all property, money, and women into common property, or they are anti-Christian. Virtue for revolutionists resides at the bottom, in chaos, and it institutes chaos to destroy the old order and the men and women belonging to it. Mass murders become a virtue. The word purge before the French Revolution meant an enema to eliminate feces; it has since gained as its primary meaning the elimination of leading citizens, capitalists, and Christians.

As any abortionist would point out, the mass-murders continue.

But in the fullness of time, for structural reasons, it will end… and the societies that back it will end as well.

You can’t inherit the future, if you killed it in the womb.

Revolutions and purges are inescapable in non-Christian orders: their faith requires it. Such mindless mass murders cannot be eliminated unless creationism replaces evolution. We cannot understand the twentieth century unless we recognize the determining influence of Charles Darwin on men like Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, Stalin, Trotsky, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, Dewey, F.D. Roosevelt, Mussolini, Churchill, and others. I have twice had criminals argue with me on the invalidity of any judgment of them because of the “truth” of evolution. The revitalization of society for evolutionists is from below, out of revolution, chaos, and anarchy. The upheavals of the twentieth century are the logical products of Rousseau, Hegel, and Darwin, who idealized and enthroned power from below.

We are undergoing what Cornelius Van Til called integration downward into the void. The vision of God has been replaced in the twentieth century by the vision of chaos, of integration downward.

The twentieth century is over.

Sure, we live in societies and cultures rooted in it, and Our Masters are unable to think outside of that box (as are innumerable Christians): but there is no more water there, no more nutrients.

The 21st century is going to prove a lot more hostile to aspiring Darwinian mass-murderers: there’s way too much decentralization going on, the Established Order is being delegitimized far too quickly, centralized media information control is unraveling as we speak, and both national bankruptcy and the aged, fast-depopulating future draws closer and closer.

Coupled with the population invasion of those who refused to abort their future.

In Contra Celsum’s Integration Into the Void: Forthcoming Reformation, the author cried out against the dissolving of sexual identity. And rightfully so, as such a movement signifies the death of the culture.

Publicly established homosexuality is not merely a sin that brings judgement: it is the judgement. It’s what happens when God hands over a society to Satan. The various sexual confusions and delusions of today are merely ripples of the fornication, adultery, and divorces that went on in the generations that led up to this point in time.

The blog writer continues:

The collapse is so complete across Western society in general that we would argue that no government programme, no propaganda campaign, and no educational initiative will achieve anything like the reformation required. It’s too far gone.  The foundations have been destroyed; humanly nothing can be done now.

Only the Spirit of God, moving across the now formless, shapeless, inchoate mess of Western human relationships, has the power to reverse the evil we have put in play.  Nevertheless, we have a strong and sure hope that He will interdict and reverse the degradation, in the time and season of His pleasure.  Our hope, however, is most definitely in Him, not in Man.  As the Psalmist says,

3 Put not your trust in princes,
in a son of man, in whom there is no salvation.
4 When his breath departs, he returns to the earth;
on that very day his plans perish.
5 Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob,
whose hope is in the Lord his God,
6 who made heaven and earth,
the sea, and all that is in them,
who keeps faith forever;
7 who executes justice for the oppressed,
who gives food to the hungry.
Psalm 146

But, let us keep in mind, His normal mode of operation is to allow evil to integrate into the void of self-destruction, and then, when despair is everywhere, to stretch forth His hand to save.  It was when Pharaoh began his programme of genocide against Israel that God heard the cries of His people, and stretched forth His mighty hand.

Today’s Pharaoh are walking discredited dead men, pointlessly building their pyramids of of blather.

The West has chosen to put its faith in Pharaoh, and is being rewarded for it’s foolishness.
But even as the West dies, the Kingdom of God grows, and expands, and fills the earth.

Forget the rotting dead.

Work with the Living God and those who love Christ – and thus, love life, and truth, and have a strong hope for the future.

Build your families, improve your results on the job or in your business.

Rejoice in the day that the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it!

(Bonus article: The Biblical Philosophy of History)


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