My Kind of Pope

From TVTropes:

Pope Sylvester II (c. 946 – 1003), after studying at Cordoba, introduced Hindi-Arabic digits into the abacus, allowing him to do calculations much faster than others in his day who were used to working with Roman numerals. He also reintroduced the armillary sphere to Europe, and constructed a hydraulic-powered organ with brass pipes. Many legends grew around him saying that he had studied magical arts and astrology, and that he was a sorcerer in league with the devil.

I prefer God’s men — and yes, I consider Catholics to be (flawed) Christians — to have the brains to detect the best tools and technology out there, the bravery to dare enter into the Enemy’s territory to grab it if needed (like Islamic-held Cordoba), and the drive to put it to work for God’s Kingdom… which it should have been doing in the first case!

For some fear-driven and fundamentally faithless reason, much of today’s Christian Leadership wants to retreat into some low-tech unchanging, ingrown, stagnant agrarian culture, where they can be as powerless and irrelevant and left-behind as the Amish. This is NOT how you expand the Kingdom of God!

What we should do is grab the myriad of powerful, increasingly cheap, increasingly easy-to-use tools God id just pouring into our laps, and use them to deepen, broaden, and raise God’s Law-Word and the unstoppable Light of His Son, Jesus, to cover all the world!

Fortunately, the Fire-Breathing Christian has quite a number of tech-powered suggestions even ordinary Christians can do to beat back the darkness.

But I urge those who fear God to remember that mastering the tools is the START of a victorious offensive! Push on, become a leader! Fight and Win!

When you know your tools inside and out, consider what mighty work of God you want to create, that will inspire, encourage, and spiritually empower God’s people even as it dismays, humiliates, and grinds down the enemies of Christ.

Know what work you want to raise up, know the cost you are willing to pay, the time you are willing to commit, and Get It Done.

(For an ideal of the work you need to do to master your battlefield, you can’t go wrong in getting the lay of the land, first thing. Any serious prospect of victory demands – at a minimum – knowing where you are, where you want to go, and the willingness to spend the resources to get from A to B!)

Every bit helps, step by step… but if you are empowered and filled with the Holy Spirit, following His guidance and His leadership… able to commit the time and energy and generate the funding you need (preferably with your own profitable business)…you will move farther, faster, and more powerfully as time goes on.

And the dying, rotting, aging, delusional Establishment won’t be able to hinder you.

Not in the slightest.



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