Defender’s Day

Originally a Soviet holiday celebrating the soldiers who served the wicked Communists, it has been redeemed into a holiday celebrating the men who saved the Russian people and nation, especially in World War II.

It is currently growing into a holiday that simply celebrates men as men, protecting their families and countries, the Defenders of what is right and good.

I approve.

(Yes, the holiday has bad origins… but in the beginning, we were all wicked sinners. What matters is what you are now, and what you are fighting to be in the future… what you were is covered by the Blood of the Lamb, so far as Christians are concerned.

With Divine Grace, there is hope… and the Kingdom of God expands to cover all the earth, and redeem all the world!)

It is grimly amusing that there will never be a public celebration of men as responsible men, Protectors and Defenders, Fighters and Builders, in the modern parody of what used to be the Christian West.

It takes some ex-Commies, led by a KGB man, to remind us of what we are called to be.

How far have we fallen!

But the rotting parody of the West won’t stand up to the hard storms that are coming.

It is up to Christians to build the future. And that future includes actual, masculine, righteous men

men who are able to

  • think and build
  • pray and fight
  • punish and forgive,
  • judging the right thing to do, at the right time,

to secure the future for themselves, their people, and the Kingdom of God.


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