Pens and Swords

From The Vengeance of Edward Said

I’ve been thinking about this tendency for white liberalism to encourage nonwhite reactionaries as I’ve been reading perhaps the most influential left-wing book by a Middle Eastern immigrant in American academic history, Edward Said’s 1978 tome Orientalism.

Said was a superbly cultured man. But his legacy has been to make Americans dumber—and smugger over being dumber—about the Arab world.

And that was not an unintended consequence.

orn in Jerusalem in 1935, Said was the wealthy son of a Palestinian Christian father with U.S. citizenship and a Lebanese Christian mother. He used the word “Orient” not in the American fashion of referring to the Far East, but in the European manner of referencing the Middle East and North Africa.

Reading Orientalism almost four decades later, it’s striking how useless it has been for helping anyone understand the Middle East.

That was Said’s intention. Knowledge is power, he believed, so he wanted Westerners to be more ignorant about his homeland in order that they would have less power over it.

No one ever expended more brainpower to encourage stupidity than Said did in Orientalism. He achieved his goal of increasing obliviousness by promoting anti-intellectual ploys, such as castigating pattern recognition as stereotyping the Other, that are now used by even the dimmest social justice jihadi, but which seemed relatively novel in 1978.


Said intensely resented that some Western scholars, writers, and artists had devoted so much attention to what he called the “Arab-Muslim world.” He pejoratively labeled these Western intellectuals as “Orientalists” and blamed them for assembling the vast amounts of knowledge that made possible the Western political ascendancy over his homeland (which had culminated in the Zionist confiscation of his family’s house in Jerusalem).

My suspicion is that, shocking as it may sound to his fans, Said had normal, masculine, conservative affections for his blood and soil.

In particular, Said complained about Western Orientalists depicting the Middle East as feminine and alluring.

This was not just a literary metaphor for Said. For many years, adventurous European artists and writers like Flaubert had engaged in sex tourism in Muslim lands and come back to whip up spicy works for the European market.

Just as the men of Europe are finally starting to object to the sex tourism hegira now running from the Middle East to the blonder lands, Said, as a racial loyalist, resented men of a different ancestry defiling his people’s womenfolk…and, perhaps especially, his people’s boyfolk.

The cover illustration of Orientalism, which was chosen to highlight the evils of Westerners taking any interest in the Middle East, is the vaguely sinister 1879 painting The Snake Charmer by Jean-Léon Gérôme of a naked boy posing with a snake before a group of staring men in a Muslim palace. The painting is basically high-gloss pedophilic gay porn. It gets across the disgust Said felt for boy-bothering Orientalists.

Ironically, Said had the IQ and cultural sophistication to devise complex-sounding and thus hugely influential justifications for his basically redneck and wholesome emotion: Don’t come around here no more.

And so began Post-Colonial Studies, which tells us a lot about the Evil West, but surprisingly little about the Arab World. Hmmm.

America has lots of guns, immense wealth, and a vast array of weapons, which are simply worthless when you give to your enemies the power to shape your media, your minds, and the minds of your children.

Just ask the millions of Christians who send their children to public schools every day, and eagerly fight to destroy their retirement savings, to send their children to pointedly Secularist universities.

But this is not a surprise: the West has left the power of the Truth, as incarnated by Jesus Christ, behind long ago. There are only the True European Gods left:

  • The State
  • The Leader
  • The People
  • The Party
  • The Race

As we observe Secular Europe become properly subjugated, we will discover just how powerful and mighty these profoundly secular, explicitly materialistic gods are.

Gods you can see, and touch, and feel: be it The Leader, the Sacred Soil of the Nation, your flawless DNA pattern, the sound of marching troops… or the impact of a single bullet to the head.

But then again, atheistic materialists were always idolators at heart.

We all know that!

Then we get Divine Welcome: The Ethics of Hospitality in Islam and Christianity by Mona Siddiqui.

Recent work by Christian scholars, as well as Muslims who insist that the public space requires the peaceful diversity of religious voices, propose a new kind of civic engagement. In working together, both sides may have to give something up. As David Fergusson writes, Christians should give up trying to be the dominant moral force in society or maximising church membership. He says, “the ethical witness lies in providing an authentic moral voice in a world too often compromised and confused.”

Ah yes, both sides have to give up something. Christians give up the desire to build an expanding and powerful Christian society, and Muslims in turn give up…


Like Secularists —

and, to our shame, a solid majority of craven Christians, trained as they are in utterly humanistic schools and universities, and ever eager for the approval of the Right Sort

— Muslims prefer to have their churches weak and humbled, far distant from any concept of expanding the Kingdom of God, upholding in public the Commandments, and having Jesus Christ being Lord of Heaven and Earth.

Lots of smiles, lots of soft words…. and absolutely infinite levels of malice and contempt.

Because we all know how Christians are dealt with in Islam-dominant cultures, now don’t we.

(Almost the same as in Secularistic cultures: but with less self-righteous preening and virtue signalling, and more rapes, kidnappings, and murder.

“Either rule yourself, or be ruled by those who despise you.”)

After all, the hatred of the Church and the hunger to suppress the Good News — that Jesus explicitly commands us to spread — is nothing less than the hatred of God.

As for all that talk of hospitality… how curious, that the writer is so passionately interested in underscoring the need for Christian hospitality to Islamic guests, and has zero interest in the behaviour of those Islamic populations in Secularist (ex-Christian) societies.


The inevitable decline and fall of the Secular West was cast in iron the moment multiculturalism became official dogma as per Sweden, that paradise of atheistic reason and comprehensive contempt for Christianity.

A thirst for power so overwhelming, that it simply can’t rest until the very last homeschooling family in Sweden has been Made to Comply.

(Coupled with remarkably little interest in the level of literacy of their New Islamic Friends.)

But of course, while any Christian condemnation of homosexuality is sure to bring in government persecution, any and all Islamic condemnation of such perversion is met with… official silence.

Because — as any Secularist could tell you — there only every was one enemy.

“Either rule yourself, or be ruled by those who despise you.”

And that is the clear lesson that all secular governments have to teach to all Christians. Everything else is blather, meaning nothing.


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