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Don’t Stay in School

A man from the wrong side of the street, yes, but he knows whereof he speaks.

If you want a homeschool curriculum (as opposed to the public schools) which has real ties to reality, I suggest the Ron Paul Curriculum. Get a proper educated, and build your own business, too!


The Coming Tough Stock Market

After reading an article from North, I went to one of his source documents, Required Minimum Distributions Spell Disaster (& Even Greater Intervention) As Sellers To Overwhelm Buyers.

It’s looking ugly for the stock market in the coming years and decades. Put simply, we are facing a huge wave of retirees (70 1/2+ year olds) who must for tax purposes sell their shares… but there are fewer and fewer people who can buy those shares at a good price.

When they realize this – and they will – there’s going to be a tidal wave of selling in the coming years. This will have an impact right down the economic line: a hard “economic headwind”, in North’s words.

Can the FED simply buy all the stocks? Sure they can… and, as North notes, this will destroy their use as a way to allocate capital just as QE destroyed interest rates as a way to allocate capital.

If the FED buys up all the stocks, we’re going to be flying with both eyes blinded (instead of just one eye blinded, thanks to QE). Which means that we’re in for a horrendous economic crash (not just the ugly economic recession that’s coming up, but the full-on Great Default of government promises and debt.

A visualization of the problem is provided below:

But for the full story, read North’s (firewalled) article.

(Hint: $20 million is just the tip of the iceburg…)

On the underlining demographic problems behind this crushing debt load, see Economica’s other articles,

In the end, a pagan, aging, meaningless society is a sterile and impoverishing society.

The Walking Dead will have to be left to bury the dead: we have a future to build, with children and hope and the call of Dominion under the authority of Christ, directed by the Holy Spirit, as outlined in the Holy Bible (both testaments).

God is the Victor over His enemies: let God be pleased to count us among His blessed and hardworking servants, and not his damned and dying foes!

His Word is Light…and Always Be Ready for Battle

This is a good starter image, for inspiration and reflection…

…but life isn’t only glory and joy: there are twisted and perverted forces that must be crushed, as well. Fortunately, the artist understands this.

There are even better, more dramatic and more moving images by Kevin Carden: you can see the images with the logo at his DeviantART gallery, or get the images without the logo at

To gain the victory, you must first know and follow Jesus; and to know and follow Him, you must know and follow the Word of God, and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you, sent by the Father and the Son.

This done, continue to know and master the Word, and let it’s power flow through you, open your eyes, grant you insight.

Among other things, the Holy Spirit will direct you to the road of productivity, meaningful work, and excellence in all things…

  • from Law to Art,
  • from Songs to Science
  • from History to Sports

Christ is the Lord of All Things.


Christian Civilization in Bulgaria and Mexico

In addition to the work of raising a Christian Civilization in Bulgaria, comes a similar endeavor to raise a Godly People and Culture in Mexico. From the Visión América Latina website:

The future is ours. As Christians, we alone have the hope of the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:12-58). We alone have the hope that when we pass from this world before the resurrection we will be face to face with the Lord (2 Corinthians 5:8). And we alone have the assurance that the future in time is ours, “…whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future. Everything belongs to you, and you belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.” (1 Corinthians 3:22, 23) Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  (Matthew 6:10) This is a multigenerational task.

The Christian civilization of Mexico. Is this possible? What will it look like? Should this be the thrust of our missionary effort? How do we do this? These are questions we hope to answer over the course of time in a series of articles about our work in Mexico. Our answer to the questions is this possible and should we be doing this is an emphatic yes. The question is not if but when.

A people crying out for peace and salvation. Mexico is in trouble. Social unrest, violence, corruption, oppressive taxes, the disintegration of the family, and a struggling economy characterize these times in the history of Mexico. The people, especially the growing Christian community, want relief. Sometimes they are unsure about what change they should be praying and working for or if such is possible in time. This remnant is who we hope to reach with a Biblical faith for all of life.

The raising of a Godly, Just and Free society — as opposed to Yet Another Fascist/Socialist Slave Camp — takes the time, energy, money, and commitment of individuals and families: expect no Sugar Daddy donations or a penny of government funding.

This is as it should be.

I trust and pray that you, Christian, are giving a hand in this noble labour: perhaps by donating to these charities, or by working in your own country, to raise the Authority of Christ Jesus above all men, and above all things.

Dealing with Corruption and Delusion

Corruption in the Pro-Life Movement

From the Fire-Breathing Christian:

Compliance with even the most freakishly anti-Christian edicts from DC has become a primary function of the professional “pro-life” industry. The notion of clearly, courageously and lovingly standing on the Word of God as the basis upon which life is to be understood and practiced in detail is utterly foreign – and actually antithetical to – the thoroughly secularized worldview of the modern “pro-life” movement.

So it is that this “pro-life” movement has escorted the child sacrifice industry safely from one decade to the next, with millions “good Christians” in tow encouraged to dutifully focus on nibbling around the most periphery of edges of the child sacrifice issue rather than dealing directly with the wanton evil of a massive systematic child sacrifice system deemed “legal” and “Constitutional”.

In this, the “pro-life” professionals are leading us to do (at least) two particularly destructive things:

  1. These “pro-life” leaders are leading us to live in fear of everything and everyone but the Lord where the child sacrifice issue is concerned. They tell us to fear being sued. They tell us to fear the courts, the government, and our image as “nice Christians” if we dare take “too hard” of a stand. In all of this defensive fear-peddling, they model anything and everything but the fear of the Lord that is necessary to actually claiming victory over the “Constitutionally legal” child sacrifice system in America.
  2. In accepting the so-called legality of the mass child sacrifice system operating around us and protecting it from serious, axe-to-the-root confrontation in accordance with the Gospel, these (often professing Christian) “pro-life” leaders are leading millions of Americans in a manner that has them begging for the wrath of God upon America. To so often attach the name of Christ in fluffy, peripheral ways to a movement that is actually opposing real, biblically sound approaches to life, liberty, and law in practice is a special kind of evil deserving of a special kind of judgment…a judgment that is falling upon us even now.

The Oklahoma “pro-life” disgrace of last year and the Tennessee “pro-life” betrayal unfolding now have a shared foundation: A pathetic, weak little counterfeit gospel.

I am merely a mortal man, and I am well and truly nauseated by the diseased little pseudo-gospels running around.

And if I –

who, after all, am nothing more than a corrupt, unrighteous old sinner who still struggles to give God His rightful glory

am disgusted by this fiasco, can you imagine how Christ Jesus

who is actually righteous, and truly holy,
and literally hates all sins, and all evil, all the time

is going to judge on this matter?

The Christian Church needs to repent, now.

And this can’t be some mealy-mouthed repentance.

It needs to be a repentance, followed by consistent, solid obedience to God the Father and God the Son, as guided by the Old and New Testament.

(And directed by Deuteronomy 28!)

Enthroning Delusions on our Land

Again, from the Fire Breathing Christian

Should it really be surprising that we have boys who think they’re girls, men who think they’re women, women who think they’re men, and girls who think they’re boys in a culture loaded with pagans who think they’re Christians?

Of course not.

Yet while we shouldn’t be surprised, most of us are, which, in and of itself, tells us a whole lot about why our culture is going to hell on a rocket.

So what’s the deal here?

Why we have boys who think they can be girls?

Why do we have girls who think they can be boys?

And men who think they’re women?

And women who think they’re men?


Because we told them they could be anything they wanted to be.

We lied, and our children believed us.

We lied, because we hated the truth.

We wanted to be whatever we choose to be,
and not what God wants us to be.

God is the One who sets the rules, not us.

God’s Will and God’s Power has authority in the real world, not Man’s Will and Man’s Power.

The Creation is Theocentric and Theocratic: not Humanistic, not Nihilistic.

Refusing to face this reality leads to insanity… sterility… poverty,.. death… hell… and the lake of fire.

Christians decided to believe the pleasing lies of their enemies: and now, we can lie in the filthy bed we have made for ourselves.

It’s time for us to get over our fantasies of autonomy and independence, and rise from our filthy, disease-ridden beds.

Christ the Healer, Heal us now and forever!
Christ the King, Rule Us now and forever!

To live and be free again, our delusions must be driven from the throne, and Christ the King recognized to be on the throne.

Keep Religious Conservatives in Their Place

From the Religious News Service:

I’m so committed to keeping conservative believers in our schools, neighborhoods, governments and institutions that I propose making Dreher’s Benedict Option unnecessary.

For starters, I’m willing to grant traditionalists liberty to live in accordance with their beliefs about sexuality. We have laws to protect and promote social equality. There is no need to punish decent people who disagree with sexual equality and libertarianism in good faith.

I also don’t think their colleges necessarily deserve to have their accreditation revoked. Traditionalists should not fear job loss and social ostracism for holding the same beliefs that most Americans held until 15 minutes ago.

In short, I’m willing to grant them their religious views — which are really not novel or radical — in the name of old-fashioned liberal tolerance.

How very merciful of him.

And when Our Cultural Betters decide to properly enforce True Equality Everywhere, and dispense with the obsolete and outdated  blather about “free speech” and “right of association”?

(Well, actually, the right to association — a.k.a. the right not to associate with people who displease you, merely because they displease you — has been dead for decades now. Just try being a Christian hotel owner, refusing to rent a room to an unmarried couple, for example.

The right of property means, by definition, the right to decide who is excluded from your property and your business. That has been dead for a while: you own your business by permission of the government, as long as you use your property according to government rules. (This is fascism, of course.

That leaves free speech as the final freedom to be disposed of.)

I will let others rely on the mercy of their pointedly hostile Secularist enemies for their continued freedom and survival.

You know, precisely as Christians rely on their Merciful and Compassionate Islamic governments for protection in the Middle East.

(Satan doesn’t worry about the details of the lies, so long as his goals are met.)

Wise Christians will understand the lessons Christ is teaching them:

Christians who do not rule themselves, are ruled by their enemies.


Christians, alone, value justice, freedom and liberty. All other religions — including Secularism and it’s God-State — thirst for power, control, and conformity over all things.
There is no neutrality. A government that does not submit to God inevitably and invariably despises God — and will, inevitably and invariably, show contempt and malice to those who worship and obey God.

The current Ruling Class will perish with their God-State in the fullness of time: no worries about that. They are merely being used as a rod, to drive certain lessons into thick Christian skulls.

The real point is to repent of the sins that have led to this punishment at the hands of those who hate us.

The faster we learn the lesson, Christian, the sooner we can get rid of these slave chains and get back to our duties: building the Kingdom of God.

Christians are not to “have a voice at the table of Our Betters” and, like a well-trained dog, perform tricks for their entertainment and have a few scraps tossed our way.

Christians are expected by God to own the table.

Christians are to be lawful Priests and Kings, obedient to God, and properly represent Him.

The more we legitimately represent Him, by obedience to His written Law, the greater the power and authority we will have.

Instead of crawling and begging for a little mercy from The Right Sort, Christians are to decide who is raised up, and who is to be cast down.

We, as servants of Christ, are to command the table.

God is the Master.
We are to serve Him.
His enemies are to beg and crawl at our feet.