Build His Media, Build His Society, Build His Kingdom

As should be obvious, Establishment types who loudly declare their love of free speech are, of course, lying through their teeth.

Twitter is not the only social media site carrying out a “purge” of users not on the Left.  Facebook, Reddit, GoFundMe, Meetup, and a variety of others have made it perfectly clear that libertarians, conservatives, alt-right, and anyone who supports freedom of speech in general, are simply not welcome there–in the name of inclusion, tolerance, and freedom of expression, of course. 

But the most interesting development in the article The Great Social Media Purge of 2016 – 2017, is the rise of alternative social media networks. Not just Facebook pages, or outlier web sites like this one. The article touches on some truly interesting developments…

  • Gab (a replacement for Twitter)  is growing by leaps and bounds, and is currently testing both an Android app and GabTV, a challenge to Twitter’s Periscope.  Twitter is actually borrowing their concepts and advances.  Users banned by Reddit and Twitter are flocking to the free-speech alternative.  These are amazing accomplishments for a donation-funded, bootstrap beta test that’s barely six months old.

  • Infogalactic (a replacement “fork” of Wikipedia) is also improving.  They’re adding a Drudge Report-style news aggregator page, and using the existing discussion areas to develop a replacement for Reddit.

I want to see some Christian “Go Fund Me” websites as well. Building a real civilization demands (first of all) real commitment, but also real money.

If you want to build your own civilization and your own culture — instead of being some third-rate serf of someone elses’ alien domination — you need to build your own way of thinking, your own goals, your own stories, your own schools, your own media… and, eventually, your own courts and your own political network.

The future can be far better than the past, if Christians choose to pray for victory, work for victory, teach their children to seek victory, and demand victory in their own lives.

The Kingdom of God awaits.

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