Abortion, Science, and Common Sense

As time goes on, the enemies of God will get even more aggressive in their war against reality.

(And when the state subsidies for Darwinism dry up?)


When Pro-Abortion Sentiments Trump Science and Common Sense

By Dr. Michael Brownanti-abortion

There is a reason why many women contemplating abortion decide not to abort when they see an ultrasound of their baby. There is no denying the humanity of this tiny creature, which is anything but a clump of cells. As the baby grows in the womb and is seen by ultrasound imaging, it’s common to hear parents exclaim, “Look at those little hands! Look at that adorable nose (it looks like Grandpa’s nose, doesn’t it?)! And look – it’s a girl! (Or, It’s a boy!)”

black infantHow amazing it is to see the ultrasound of your baby, especially when it’s your first child. Not surprisingly, both of our daughters, now in their late 30’s, had the identical reaction when they saw the ultrasounds of their first babies: How could anyone abort their child?

It is for good reason that

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