Freedom of God vs Freedom of the State

In Biblical theology, the absolute freedom of God is a basic premise: God cannot be controlled or governed by anything outside of Himself. This is the premise of humanistic doctrines of the state: the absolute freedom of the state. – Rushdoony, “Christianity and the State”

Or, in other words, there can only be one Lord, one Source of the Law, in public and in private.

(P.S. Idolatry is forbidden to those who fear Christ, who choose life over death.)


washington dcFreedom and the Statelight and darkness

By Rev. R.J. Rushdoony

Not only is morality transferred from God and His law to the state and its fiat law, but freedom also. Whether it be a Marxist state or a democratic one, freedom is today usually spoken of as an attribute of the state rather than of the people as individuals. Such freedom as is permitted to men is freedom under the state, not under God.

Turning again to Gumplowicz, we find a frank statement of the fact that man, as a creature of the state, cannot be free:

That man is a free being is pure imagination … The premise of “inalienable human rights” rests upon the most unreasonable self-deification of man and overestimation of the value of human life, and upon a complete misconception of the only possible basis of the existence of the state. This fancied freedom and equality is incompatible with…

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