Imposing Pornography on The National Parks?

“Control the narrative!”

When the money to fund the bureaucracy is gone, the bureaucratic nonsense and control mania is gone… but not before.


a-pictureA New Version of Making America Great (Again)

By Bill Potter

In November of 2015, a National Park policeman approached the tour group I was leading on the grassy knoll of Bunker Hill in Boston. He demanded I stop teaching about the battle that had been fought there in 1775, and drew his ticket book (not his revolver) and threatened to write me up for “illegal guiding,” a crime unknown in statutory law and a term new to Landmark Events, our ‘history tour company.’Alaska

We had been there a number of times in previous years and until now had always received a warm welcome and at least indifference over my lecturing about the battle on the grounds around the monument. I lecture using a headset transmitter while our guests have unobtrusive receivers and ear buds so we don’t disturb non-group members who may also be visiting the site…

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