Dealing with Corruption and Delusion

Corruption in the Pro-Life Movement

From the Fire-Breathing Christian:

Compliance with even the most freakishly anti-Christian edicts from DC has become a primary function of the professional “pro-life” industry. The notion of clearly, courageously and lovingly standing on the Word of God as the basis upon which life is to be understood and practiced in detail is utterly foreign – and actually antithetical to – the thoroughly secularized worldview of the modern “pro-life” movement.

So it is that this “pro-life” movement has escorted the child sacrifice industry safely from one decade to the next, with millions “good Christians” in tow encouraged to dutifully focus on nibbling around the most periphery of edges of the child sacrifice issue rather than dealing directly with the wanton evil of a massive systematic child sacrifice system deemed “legal” and “Constitutional”.

In this, the “pro-life” professionals are leading us to do (at least) two particularly destructive things:

  1. These “pro-life” leaders are leading us to live in fear of everything and everyone but the Lord where the child sacrifice issue is concerned. They tell us to fear being sued. They tell us to fear the courts, the government, and our image as “nice Christians” if we dare take “too hard” of a stand. In all of this defensive fear-peddling, they model anything and everything but the fear of the Lord that is necessary to actually claiming victory over the “Constitutionally legal” child sacrifice system in America.
  2. In accepting the so-called legality of the mass child sacrifice system operating around us and protecting it from serious, axe-to-the-root confrontation in accordance with the Gospel, these (often professing Christian) “pro-life” leaders are leading millions of Americans in a manner that has them begging for the wrath of God upon America. To so often attach the name of Christ in fluffy, peripheral ways to a movement that is actually opposing real, biblically sound approaches to life, liberty, and law in practice is a special kind of evil deserving of a special kind of judgment…a judgment that is falling upon us even now.

The Oklahoma “pro-life” disgrace of last year and the Tennessee “pro-life” betrayal unfolding now have a shared foundation: A pathetic, weak little counterfeit gospel.

I am merely a mortal man, and I am well and truly nauseated by the diseased little pseudo-gospels running around.

And if I –

who, after all, am nothing more than a corrupt, unrighteous old sinner who still struggles to give God His rightful glory

am disgusted by this fiasco, can you imagine how Christ Jesus

who is actually righteous, and truly holy,
and literally hates all sins, and all evil, all the time

is going to judge on this matter?

The Christian Church needs to repent, now.

And this can’t be some mealy-mouthed repentance.

It needs to be a repentance, followed by consistent, solid obedience to God the Father and God the Son, as guided by the Old and New Testament.

(And directed by Deuteronomy 28!)

Enthroning Delusions on our Land

Again, from the Fire Breathing Christian

Should it really be surprising that we have boys who think they’re girls, men who think they’re women, women who think they’re men, and girls who think they’re boys in a culture loaded with pagans who think they’re Christians?

Of course not.

Yet while we shouldn’t be surprised, most of us are, which, in and of itself, tells us a whole lot about why our culture is going to hell on a rocket.

So what’s the deal here?

Why we have boys who think they can be girls?

Why do we have girls who think they can be boys?

And men who think they’re women?

And women who think they’re men?


Because we told them they could be anything they wanted to be.

We lied, and our children believed us.

We lied, because we hated the truth.

We wanted to be whatever we choose to be,
and not what God wants us to be.

God is the One who sets the rules, not us.

God’s Will and God’s Power has authority in the real world, not Man’s Will and Man’s Power.

The Creation is Theocentric and Theocratic: not Humanistic, not Nihilistic.

Refusing to face this reality leads to insanity… sterility… poverty,.. death… hell… and the lake of fire.

Christians decided to believe the pleasing lies of their enemies: and now, we can lie in the filthy bed we have made for ourselves.

It’s time for us to get over our fantasies of autonomy and independence, and rise from our filthy, disease-ridden beds.

Christ the Healer, Heal us now and forever!
Christ the King, Rule Us now and forever!

To live and be free again, our delusions must be driven from the throne, and Christ the King recognized to be on the throne.


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