His Word is Light…and Always Be Ready for Battle

This is a good starter image, for inspiration and reflection…

…but life isn’t only glory and joy: there are twisted and perverted forces that must be crushed, as well. Fortunately, the artist understands this.

There are even better, more dramatic and more moving images by Kevin Carden: you can see the images with the logo at his DeviantART gallery, or get the images without the logo at ChristianPhotoshops.com.

To gain the victory, you must first know and follow Jesus; and to know and follow Him, you must know and follow the Word of God, and invite the Holy Spirit to fill you, sent by the Father and the Son.

This done, continue to know and master the Word, and let it’s power flow through you, open your eyes, grant you insight.

Among other things, the Holy Spirit will direct you to the road of productivity, meaningful work, and excellence in all things…

  • from Law to Art,
  • from Songs to Science
  • from History to Sports

Christ is the Lord of All Things.


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