Keep Religious Conservatives in Their Place

From the Religious News Service:

I’m so committed to keeping conservative believers in our schools, neighborhoods, governments and institutions that I propose making Dreher’s Benedict Option unnecessary.

For starters, I’m willing to grant traditionalists liberty to live in accordance with their beliefs about sexuality. We have laws to protect and promote social equality. There is no need to punish decent people who disagree with sexual equality and libertarianism in good faith.

I also don’t think their colleges necessarily deserve to have their accreditation revoked. Traditionalists should not fear job loss and social ostracism for holding the same beliefs that most Americans held until 15 minutes ago.

In short, I’m willing to grant them their religious views — which are really not novel or radical — in the name of old-fashioned liberal tolerance.

How very merciful of him.

And when Our Cultural Betters decide to properly enforce True Equality Everywhere, and dispense with the obsolete and outdated  blather about “free speech” and “right of association”?

(Well, actually, the right to association — a.k.a. the right not to associate with people who displease you, merely because they displease you — has been dead for decades now. Just try being a Christian hotel owner, refusing to rent a room to an unmarried couple, for example.

The right of property means, by definition, the right to decide who is excluded from your property and your business. That has been dead for a while: you own your business by permission of the government, as long as you use your property according to government rules. (This is fascism, of course.

That leaves free speech as the final freedom to be disposed of.)

I will let others rely on the mercy of their pointedly hostile Secularist enemies for their continued freedom and survival.

You know, precisely as Christians rely on their Merciful and Compassionate Islamic governments for protection in the Middle East.

(Satan doesn’t worry about the details of the lies, so long as his goals are met.)

Wise Christians will understand the lessons Christ is teaching them:

Christians who do not rule themselves, are ruled by their enemies.


Christians, alone, value justice, freedom and liberty. All other religions — including Secularism and it’s God-State — thirst for power, control, and conformity over all things.
There is no neutrality. A government that does not submit to God inevitably and invariably despises God — and will, inevitably and invariably, show contempt and malice to those who worship and obey God.

The current Ruling Class will perish with their God-State in the fullness of time: no worries about that. They are merely being used as a rod, to drive certain lessons into thick Christian skulls.

The real point is to repent of the sins that have led to this punishment at the hands of those who hate us.

The faster we learn the lesson, Christian, the sooner we can get rid of these slave chains and get back to our duties: building the Kingdom of God.

Christians are not to “have a voice at the table of Our Betters” and, like a well-trained dog, perform tricks for their entertainment and have a few scraps tossed our way.

Christians are expected by God to own the table.

Christians are to be lawful Priests and Kings, obedient to God, and properly represent Him.

The more we legitimately represent Him, by obedience to His written Law, the greater the power and authority we will have.

Instead of crawling and begging for a little mercy from The Right Sort, Christians are to decide who is raised up, and who is to be cast down.

We, as servants of Christ, are to command the table.

God is the Master.
We are to serve Him.
His enemies are to beg and crawl at our feet.


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