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Education & Prayer

From More education means less religious commitment — unless you’re Christian

(RNS) It’s a popular belief: The more educated a person is, the less religious he or she likely will be.

And it’s mostly right, according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center surveys released Wednesday (April 26).


But there are exceptions.

The “big however,” Smith said, is that Christians — the majority (71 percent) of American adults — don’t seem to fit the pattern at all.

Christians with higher levels of education (70 percent, combining all measures) appear to be just as religious as those with less schooling (73 percent of those with some college and 71 percent with some high school), according to the analysis. They are almost equally likely at all education levels to pray daily, attend worship services weekly and say they believe in God with absolute certainty.

In fact, highly educated Christians are most likely (52 percent) to say they are weekly churchgoers, compared with 45 percent of those with some college and 46 percent with at least some high school, according to Pew.

Prayer is good.

Prayer with action is better.

Prayer, action, and a regrounding of academia on Christ and His Law-word is best!

Remember: science is a natural outgrowh of Christianity, a useful tool of dominion & productivity, and often a friend of liberty as well.


Science, Engineering, and the Kingdom of God

Science, Engineering, and the Kingdom of God is a beautiful post from Bojidar Marinov. I’d happily do a simple copy/paste of the entire post, but instead I’m going to copy over the most striking comments and insights.

We will talk about them in terms of applied theology; that is, what do science and engineering have to do with our life choices for this specific point in time and history. And even more, what do they have to do with the choices our children make, choices for which we as parents are partially responsible, given that it is our parental responsibility under the Dominion Covenant to teach and direct our children in their individual purpose in the Kingdom of God.

If Christian parents decide to push forward to regain the hard sciences, and if their children willingly follow their lead, then there are going to be radical changes in Western (and even global) culture.

BIG changes. For the better!

Marinov undercuts the current drive to “take control of the culture via social prominence”, pointing out to the long, long string of Christian failures here. Homeschooling is a success, but Christian colleges, musicians, lobbyists, etc, are irrelevant in today’s world.

There is a reason for that failure. The reason is that behind all these efforts to “influence the culture,” there is a false philosophy. That philosophy is that cultural influence is achieved through high social visibility. The higher one’s position in the society is, the more influence he can have on the culture. Since in our own time the highest level of social visibility belongs to politicians and Hollywood actors, the assumption is that these are the true cultural leaders of the today. And that politicians and Hollywood producers by default set the cultural standards of today. Therefore, the majority of Christians today – well, the majority of active Christians today, to be precise, since a vast majority of those who go to church couldn’t care less about anything whatsoever – see the capture of those positions of high social visibility as the only way to turn the tide of secularism.

Focusing on what is seen, and not what is unseen.

And keep an eye on those uncaring church members, who are at church out of habit or for the social benefits… and not to hear and obey the commands of God.

If we only elect Christian politicians, we’ll have a Christian America again. (By the way, it was a majority of Christian judges who removed Judge Roy Moore in Alabama. And it is majorities of Christian politicians who keep abortion legal in most states.) If we only have a Republican majority on the Supreme Court, we will overturn Roe v. Wade. (By the way, it was a Republican majority that gave us Roe v. Wade in the first place.) If we only have more influential Christian lobbyist organizations, we could change Washington DC. (We have dozens of those, and they do nothing more than consume donations.) If we only start producing Christian movies, we will change the culture. If we only capture Hollywood. Etc., etc.

God blesses obedience. Not hot air.

The problem is, even if we capture these “cultural mountains,” we won’t be able to change the culture nor influence the culture. Because the culture is not influenced by social visibility.

Victory is not about popularity.

Victory is not gained by having a lot of people liking you.

You all know about the modern obsession with gender and sodomite “marriages”; it’s a constant talking point for some conservatives pastors and church activists. Some even say that this is the first time in the history of Christendom when the meaning of marriage has been changed to mean a union between two men or two women . . . or whatever else it may mean. But this is not true. There has been such a period in history before, in the 14th century, when sodomy was on the rise among the ruling classes and even in the monasteries. It was openly depicted in art (just google homosexuality in art 14thcentury and see for yourself), and churches and priests in Italy and France openly performed same-sex marriage ceremonies. It was everywhere, among the most highly visible members of the society. Some Italian cities had their special part of town where male prostitutes lived and members of the nobility openly visited those parts. On the surface, it looked like Christendom would surrender to sodomy; after all, it was the most culturally visible members of the society who practiced it and promoted it. And yet, within just a generation or two it disappeared from the society. By the time of Erasmus in the second half of the 15th century, no memory had remained of the rampant sodomy just a couple of generations prior; and Erasmus only makes a hint to it in the monasteries of his time. Luther seems to not know of the problem in his time in the 16th century.


The Kingdom of Satan vanishes into dust.

Many reading this (in 2017) should be able to recall the oh-so-powerful Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. A vast and heavily armed empire in 1980, and a matter for historians by 1992.

Apparently, sodomy’s high social visibility didn’t give any cultural advantage to sodomy; the culture didn’t accept it as normative, and it died away. There is a multitude of such examples in history, the most amazing of which is the victory of the early church against the Empire in the first three centuries after Christ’s death and resurrection: Not only the Church was not culturally visible, it had to hide to survive. And in the final account, the catacombs won the culture over the palace. Social visibility doesn’t produce cultural influence.

Christ expects enduring victories, real growth that can be built upon, and on, and on, as the glory of God reaches to the sky.

Jesus explained it in Matt. 20:24-28 (also Mark 10:41-45; Luke 22:24-27):

“You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. “It is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant, and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be your slave; just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.”

The mother of sons of Zebedee had come to Him and asked Him to place her sons in a position of high social visibility: “Command that in Your kingdom these two sons of mine may sit one on Your right and one on Your left.” Jesus’s answer was, “You don’t know what you are asking for. My social visibility is of a different kind. And in fact, in the new world I am about to inaugurate, cultural greatness will be defined in a different way: not through being socially visible, but by being a servant. Or, as Dennis Peacocke summarized it perfectly well three decades ago, in God’s world, “whoever serves, leads.”

Jesus Christ is actually serious about this. It’s why He, the creator of the universe, stooped to wash the feet of sinful and filthy men.

We are to follow His humble example.

The culture is never and has never been dominated by crafty political manipulators, or artists, or movie producers; these have, at best, only followed the culture.

Followers, not leaders.

The culture itself follows those who serve.

Leaders, not followers.

This truth manifested itself in Jesus’s life as well, when in John 6:26 He said that the real reason the people were seeking Him was not the miracles (that is, the high social visibility) but the fact that they ate of the bread and were filled (that is, real social service).

Not the image, but the reality.

This, now, leads us to an important conclusion: if we want, as Christians, to influence the culture, we need to be looking not for ministries and occupations of high social visibility, but for those of real service. Whoever wants to be great culturally, must be the servant of the culture. And servant means not someone who simply speaks with culturally acceptable cliches of pretended humility – as so many of our churchian celebrities today do – but someone who has identified the real needs of the society and works to minister to those real needs. And in order to identify those needs, he has gone to the Bible, and to the meaning and purpose of man’s life, within the framework of God’s Covenant. And then, when he has identified and defined those needs, he has organized his life and the lives of his children – in terms of training, education, and career choices – to meet those needs.

Of course, the needs of men are a countless multitude . . . but only on a first glance. In reality, they are very few, or at least, can be summarized under one heading only: the Dominion Covenant. Man was created for a specific purpose: work to turn the formless earth into an ordered, capitalized city.

We are made to work.

Work real value into God’s creation; make it ordered and useful for future generations. Take the resources scattered in the garden and build then into a productive society in order to save other men time and effort, which they would be able to apply to even more stewardship of the creation. That original Dominion Covenant is still in force; we have never been freed of it. It continues to be our debt and obligation to God, and it continues to define our very nature as human beings. (Listen to my sermon, “What Is Man?”) This Dominion Covenant is also at the foundation of why we were saved: not to enjoy a purposeless eternity in golden slippers, plucking golden harps, but to continue to transform God’s creation into greater and greater order, for the glory of God. Make the creation productive. Make the society productive. Think of a country like Russia, having GDP of about $1 trillion with a population of 140 million. Now consider the fact that Greater Houston has an economy half that size, with a population of less than 5 million. When you add some adjacent areas, Houston has economy comparable to that of Russia. That is, it can produce as much as Russia, with a population of only one-25th of the population of Russia. And now consider that the Kingdom of God in its developed stage of covenantal faithfulness and blessings will have productivity far greater than that of Houston today.

 The profitable servant is blessed. The unprofitable servant is cursed.

(And if you think that Russia was cursed now, you should have seen it under Communism!)

his task at increasing the productivity of creation through order and capitalization helps serve all the other needs of man. While poor people will always be with us, and we can always give them whenever we want (Matt. 26:11; John 12:8), the best solution for poverty is not alms but increased productivity. […] In the final account, a faithful culture is a culture that takes the Dominion Covenant seriously, and applies its energy to work and productivity, so that in the final account, the earth is subdued and serves man in the best and most economical way. Work, according to R.J. Rushdoony, is the social energy of the redeemed man in action. The redeemed man is a working man.

Let’s repeat that: The redeemed man is a working man.

We’re here to change the world… to make it better than before.

Changing things for the better takes productive, thoughtful work.
(And good observation & analysis, to see and know what must be done.)

True covenantal service, therefore, must be sought not in socially visible positions of power. It must be sought in those occupations and ministries that help develop the productivity of mankind. It is there where we can only expect to achieve such positions of authority as to influence the culture. And it is there where we need to focus our attention and the attention of our children.

To lead, serve.

There’s hardly a need to explain to modern Americans the importance of science and technology for the enormous levels of productivity – and therefore prosperity – that our world today enjoys in comparison to previous generations. there’s probably not much need anymore to explain to American Christians the Christian origin and the Biblical foundations of modern science and engineering. Whatever mythologies secular historians may devise to claim some non-Christian origin of modern science and technology, historical data are clear: we owe our science and technology to the development of Christendom in the last 1,000 years.

Science and technology belongs to God… and is a gift to His children.

Indirectly, we can see the proof for this Christian character of science and technology in the cultural agenda of the enemies of Christianity today: it is not just by mere omission that Common Core math is designed to confuse children using completely illogical principles of reasoning. It is not by chance that environmentalists and socialists and global warming alarmists and others like them have made their target the technological development of the West. It is not by chance that modern governments are trying to take control over and restrain, where possible, technological development. (Think of the recent decision of several European countries, and of some US cities, to ban Uber and Lyft, for example, or to control Internet.)

The enemy knows that science and technology is a gift from God, and therefore wants to destroy it.

They may well succeed in destroying the universities: but that merely renders those God-despising institutions powerless. The future is coming, whether the enemies of God – Secular or Muslim – wishes it or not.

Hiding in willful ignorance will not save them.

We would be wise, not to follow their example.

This war against science and technology is not a side issue to the covenantal battles of the Kingdom of God; it is one of its main battles. Technological growth is a testimony to God’s victory; His Dominion Mandate to man is being fulfilled even with mankind still burdened by sin, and only lifted by the redemption of Jesus Christ. For this technological development to happen, more and more people – whether Christians or not – have to abandon their pagan worldviews and adopt the worldview of the Bible. Whether they believe the Bible or not, they have to agree with its presuppositions in order to be able to do science. In the Dominion Covenant, even the enemies of God are forced to learn more about Him and His Kingdom. They may hate it, but they have no choice. The worldview of the Gospel – which only makes science and technology possible – will eventually permeate every area of man’s thinking.

That’s where true service is. Especially in America, where, because of the retreat of the church and the Christian families from education, we have allowed math and science instruction to deteriorate to disastrously low levels. We are a culture increasingly dependent on technology; which, in itself, is good. And yet, we are a culture that is increasingly incapable of supplying the job market with technicians and engineers trained to not simply perform tasks but to understand the very processes they are supposed to control and manage. That’s the real reason why US companies are forced to hire more and more engineers and technicians from abroad.

God’s people should change this.

God’s people can change this.

Therefore, God’s people are COMMANDED to change this.

Science is a species of Truth, and Truth should issue out of Christian hearts, minds, writings and words like a powerful and nurturing river, filling the world.

And here, Christians can make the difference. Because it is where the culture is bleeding where true service is needed. And since our culture is bleeding in the field of trained scientists and engineers, because of the low quality of math and science education, Christian homeschooling families can and must effect a change by changing their educational and career priorities. There’s a void to be filled; we must be there to fill it. That void is not in the area of high social visibility; it’s not that we don’t have enough actors or movies or music bands or social activists or politicians or lobbyist groups or even lawyers. Sure enough, we need Christians in all of these fields, and we need Christians who know what the Word of God says about all the areas of life and action. But our overall focus must be where the void is, and how to fill it. A void in the culture – especially a void which has to do with productivity and therefore with the Dominion Covenant – is God’s opportunity for the church to engage in real service. If the church doesn’t take up the challenge, someone else will.

It’s time to win.

Social visibility doesn’t influence culture. Only service does. True service, under the Dominion Covenant.

The Delusional Scientist, the Blind Leftist

From The illogic of famous logicians

Croatian philosopher of science and politics Neven Sesardic (b. 1949) retired from Lingnan University, Hong Kong, in 2015. He wrote a book shortly thereafter, When Reason Goes on Holiday: Philosophers in Politics (Encounter Books, 2016). He was wise to wait till he had his pension…


First, Einstein. His cautious sympathy for Stalin comes as a surprise. Einstein seemed over-anxious to discount the obvious, as when, for example, 48 scientists were shot within a couple of days without even a show trial.


Imre Lakatos (1922–1974) after whom a prestigious philosophy of science award is named, worked hard to demolish intellectual freedom in his native Hungary. As an agent with a Party code name, he informed on his own mentor and searched his wastebasket. Much is made of his time in a labour camp but he was put there for being too Stalinist. Then there was the unpleasant business of forcing a girl to commit suicide. Moral philosopher Bernard Williams considered him “kind of a thug” and a “psychopath.”

The fact that these eminent thinkers ended up in the United States is sometimes taken to imply that they were resolutely anti-totalitarian. But in the digital age, we might best describe their biographers’ art as reputation management. Biographers go to great lengths to protect their subjects’ reputations, creating ambiguity, casting doubt on their support for totalitarianism, and offering distractions. For example, we are told by elite philosophy source Stanford Plato that Lakatos was a “warm and witty friend” as well as an inspiring teacher.

Knowing your math does not make you moral.

It may not even make you sane.

From Refusing To Believe Early Progressives Loved Eugenics Will Not Erase The Horrible Truth

Most people close their eyes to unpleasantness in their past. Political movements do the same thing on a grander scale. Nowhere is this truer than in the willful blindness of twenty-first-century progressives to their early twentieth-century counterparts’ embrace of eugenics.


After seeing the end result of such ideas in the Holocaust, progressives naturally sought to bury their connection to this genocidal concept, and succeeded in doing so, at least when they can discredit conservatives who persist in mentioning it. That problem bubbled to the surface last week when Bloomberg’s economist and writer Noah Smith tweeted, “Apparently some people believe that eugenics was the scientific consensus 100 years ago. Sounds like a total myth to me.

That historical denialism did not go unnoticed. The editors of The New Atlantis, among others, pointed out the dangerous historical ignorance at work in that statement. Indeed, they went further than Smith and cracked a book or two to back up their points (see the thread here).

If those who do not remember history are bound to repeat it, what does that make people who willfully forget history?


Liars who are hiding their murders in the past, so they can have another go at it when the coast is clear.

Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. — John 8:44

Rumours from the Ivory Tower

From “The tide is turning!” — Nagel and Plantinga at OUP

Passed by and noticed Dr Hunter’s post on Nagel’s forthcoming book.  (And, objectors, Nagel is a serious philosopher of mind, writing in his area of expertise.  As in, author of “What is it like to be a bat?”)

Going to the Oxford University Press [OUP] book page, I noticed another name popping up: Plantinga.

As in, the man who blew away the logical form of the problem of evil.

Passed by my thread on It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming, and saw Axel’s comment. Clipping:

. . . while on the subject of the materialists’ desperation to quash any theistic assumption from scientific consideration, surely the proven precedence of mind over matter in physics points unequivocally to a personal God.

One may want to debate that, but Nagel and Plantinga put their fingers on two sore spots: the failure of evolutionary accounts of mind and the problem of a priori methodological naturalism jiggering the supposedly empirically based explanatory process. As in what materialist objectors have been so desperate to dismiss when raised by design thinkers, for years now.


Mind and Cosmos
Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False
Thomas Nagel
OUP USA [upcoming Nov 2012]

. . . . In Mind and Cosmos Thomas Nagel argues that the widely accepted world view of materialist naturalism is untenable. The mind-body problem cannot be confined to the relation between animal minds and animal bodies. If materialism cannot accommodate consciousness and other mind-related aspects of reality, then we must abandon a purely materialist understanding of nature in general, extending to biology, evolutionary theory, and cosmology . . . An adequate conception of nature would have to explain the appearance in the universe of materially irreducible conscious minds, as such. No such explanation is available, and the physical sciences, including molecular biology, cannot be expected to provide one.


Where the Conflict Really Lies
Science, Religion, and Naturalism
Alvin Plantinga [Feb 2012, sold out]

. . . . Plantinga examines where this conflict is supposed to exist — evolution, evolutionary psychology, analysis of scripture, scientific study of religion — as well as claims by Dan Dennett, Richard Dawkins, and Philip Kitcher that evolution and theistic belief cannot co-exist. Plantinga makes a case that their arguments are not only inconclusive but that the supposed conflicts themselves are superficial, due to the methodological naturalism used by science. On the other hand, science can actually offer support to theistic doctrines, and Plantinga uses the notion of biological and cosmological “fine-tuning” in support of this idea. Plantinga argues that we might think about arguments in science and religion in a new way — as different forms of discourse that try to persuade people to look at questions from a perspective such that they can see that something is true. In this way, there is a deep and massive consonance between theism and the scientific enterprise.

–> The guy who decisively answered the logical form of the problem of evil

When you got two philosophers at that level on your case at the same time, in Oxford U Press, that is a serious sign that the tide is shifting decisively.>>


When two heavy-hitters like that weigh in so explicitly, that is a sign that it looks a lot like an early Spring Sunday Morning, just before dawn, North side of Jerusalem, AD 30.

Some ashen-faced guards are heading into Jerusalem, and some women are coming out, bearing burial spices. They hardly notice each other in passing.

Interesting times are coming, as the Established Order begins to shift and crack…

Pagan Insanity, Christian Glory

From The Fire-Breathing Christian:

If a system can’t define “boy” and “girl”, we shouldn’t send boys or girls to that system for an “education”.

So what is education?

And what is an idiot?

Education, in a nutshell, is the pursuit of knowledge of God through the examination and understanding of all that He has made as a reflection of His Nature throughout His creation. Language, logic, art, history, philosophy, morality, mathematics, ethics, business and economics are all about Him. They all belong to Him. They were all made by Him, through Him, and for Him (see: Colossians 1:15-20). Every material and immaterial thing can only be rightly and ultimately understood by its unavoidable association with and complete reliance upon Him. To pretend to pursue true, complete knowledge of any aspect of His creation apart from explicit acknowledgement of and submission to Him is, in a word, idiotic…which leads to our second question…

What is an idiot?

An idiot is a person who freely chooses to send their little boy or girl off to be “educated” by a system so fundamentally satanic (and stupid) that it can no longer coherently define, much less defend, basic terms like “boy” and “girl”.

We Christians slacked off, we have sinned… and so God has placed these fatuous lunatics in charge over us.

We need to repent, we need to get serious about redeeming and reconstructing our society and our nation again, into a form and a shape that is pleasing to Jesus Christ, our Lord, Saviour, and King.

When we begin to do so, the crazy people will be brushed aside…

— they are merely the symptom of our failure, and not the cause

…and, as we progress beyond casting aside childish lies and push on to forging a truly Godly culture, grounded in Biblical Truth and Justice, we will choose numerous righteous, honest men as our leaders, not fools.

And these men, from our communities and families and churches and local businesses, will lead in our counties and towns and city wards, ‘close to the metal’, as it were. Not in some fairy-land Imperial City, isolated, inbred, and ignorant.

We will again commit to expanding the Kingdom of God, in word and in deed, in our lives and in the lives of our children.

For the good guys to win, the bad guys must lose.

Eye has not seen and ear has not heard…what sinless culture will look like.

“. . . no eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man imagined,
what God has prepared for those who love him.”

These oft repeated words from 1 Corinthians 2:9 (which are themselves quoted from Isaiah 64:4) are very familiar to Christians. While not quite attaining the greeting-card standard status of passages like 2 Chronicles 7:14 (“if my people who are called by my name…”) and Philippians 4:13 (“I can do all things through Christ…”), this verse, like its more t-shirt friendly cousins, is often misunderstood and misused.

While the point here isn’t to get into a detailed examination of the passage, I would like to respectfully suggest one way of considering its incredibly inspiring words by asking a few questions:

What would sinless economic activity look like? On a large scale, I mean. Think: Global. Or perhaps even galactic.

What would a culture built upon and perpetually producing more and more sinless economic activity look like?

What would a civilization built around sinless expressions of art, law, civics, technology, literature, and music look like?

What would it sound like?

What would it feel like?

Hard to even begin to imagine, isn’t it?

But what if the Gospel-fueled Great Commission actually…you know…works? (See: Matthew 28:18-20.)

What if people who are supernaturally saved by the grace of God actually do become New Creatures in Christ and actually do have the Third Person of the Trinity living within them?

What if those people really and truly do, over time and all by God’s grace, act differently in every area of their lives?

Wouldn’t they change things – everything that they touched – for the better?

Wouldn’t they have to?

THIS is the key to the future, far more than artificial intelligence or 3D printing or fusion power or CRISPR genetic editing.

It’s not about the tools. It’s about how they are used.

Without theft, without lies, we will have accurate information, the ability to see. which leads directly to the ability to act correctly.

When we take responsibility, when we speak the truth, when we repent, the road to life opens up, and the blessings will flow, stronger and stronger, covering all earth.

(And, I suggest, rising to cover the stars as well!)

Without murder, without rape, without lawless assault, there is a great decline in fear, and a great rise in trust, safety, rest, hope.

This day is coming.

It is coming, because God Demands It.

Get on His train… or get run over.

Sure, the small will be the first to benefit (and rightly so!) from a truly just social order, but even the great and powerful will sleep better as well, and laugh more easily. Insure that the small and the weak receive their just protection and respect, and the great and the powerful will also be treated justly, without fear of envious eyes and lying lips.

To live righteously, to refuse to steal from either the poor or from the rich (or anyone else): this is what pleases God Almighty. This is the justice that invites great waves of blessing.

  • Blessings of peace.
  • Blessings of prosperity.
  • Blessings of liberty.
  • Blessings of justice.
  • Blessings of mercy.
  • Blessings of fruitfulness.

For the greatest and most powerful men are small and weak in God’s eyes. If the mighty crush the weak, God will insure that the mighty will be crushed as well.

But if the great and powerful do what’s right in God’s eyes, God will insure their blessing as well.

See Matthew 18:21-35 primarily, but also Matthew 25:14-30, and Luke 12:16-21, and Luke 16:36-48.

And that servant, which knew his lord’s will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes.

But he that knew not, and did commit things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required: and to whom men have committed much, of him they will ask the more. — Luke 16:47-48)

Yes, yes, we all know what the Marxist – and, indeed, all Socialists – feel about the opiate of the people. But of course, we also know that the Socialists (Red and Black alike) are far more vicious masters and oppressors, mocking thieves, bald-faced liars, and repulsive mass-murders, than any number of dreary, corrupt, standard-issue dictatorships.

Yes, even more murderous and oppressive than the Jihad.

But God has less and less time to give to His murderous, lying enemies.

Their day is setting: Christ’s Day is rising!

I believe that we are in the midst of a massive die-off of God’s enemies, by their own hand.

Nobody forced Our Leaders to raise up the abortion clinics, or destroy marriage & family, or debase education, or endorse perversion, or drown the economy under debt and funny money schemes.

They pointedly ignored God’s Commandments as they chose the grave… and hell.

Those who follow the snake are bound to be poisoned.

Right now, it’s the Secularists who are doing a power dive into the mountain range. Muslims don’t tear apart their children in their own womb: as they are less murderous than the Secularists, God rightfully shows them more mercy.

But Muslims will also be driven to make a choice — Christ, or the Grave — and the day of decision is coming fast.

And if they make the wrong choice, it is most likely that they will be destroyed by their own hand. The thirst to kill will not be sated by merely wiping our some powerless kafir minority: more blood must flow.

A LOT more.

My prayer is that they discover that the shed blood of Jesus Christ is sufficient to satisfy God’s wrath. No more innocent men need to die.

God is far more pleased with a billion repentant believers, with their lives saved and with a promising future, than yet another series of costly wars, agonizing cultural destruction, and then a final spiritual collapse.

We have seen Europe walk the road to death: there is no reason for that horror to be re-enacted again, this time in the Middle East.

Not Truth, but Power

On Our Laughing Masters, and their casual dismissal of reason and logic… when it gets in their way of their thirst for power over you and me.

Atheists and secularists argue that the vast majority of “intellectuals” and scientists are atheists or agnostics, thereby appealing to the “authority” of I.Q., academic position, and the societal favor of science and technology in order to disgrace those who disagree. But this simply commits a fallacious Appeal to Authority. Atheists employ such a fallacy, not to answer a legitimate inquiry, but to shame Christians as unintelligent, dim-wit- ted, and uneducated. Shame is the key factor. In fact, recent atheist Sam Harris openly called upon the use of “embarrassment” as a tool to fight religious faith: “I think we should not underestimate the power of embarrassment.”2 In these comments, Sam openly confesses to the use of the fallacy of an Appeal to Authority (or more clearly in this case, Argument to Shame) in order to further his agenda:

So public embarrassment is one principle. Once you lift the taboo around criticizing faith and demand that people start talking sense, then the capacity for making religious certitude look stupid will be exploited, and we’ll start laughing at people who believe the things that the Tom DeLays, the Pat Robertsons of the world believe. We’ll laugh at them in a way that will be synonymous with excluding them from our halls of power.

Of course, laughter is the ultimate diversion tactic from actual argument. It is the ultimate Appeal to Authority, in which a certain position is assumed to be so authoritative that to argue against it makes one an object of ridicule. The problem arises when the subject in dispute—religion in this case—becomes the assumed basis for ridicule. This again Begs the Question, and leverages emotion and shame in order to persuade (really, to bully) instead of using reasons and argument. If one can incite laughter against a position before proving it wrong, they have committed the fallacy. They may prove victorious in public, but they will have done so at the cost of intellectual integrity. Sam even admits this when he mentions “excluding them from the halls of power,” which exposes the agenda of those who rely on fallacious Appeals to Authority: they are not interested in truth, but power. — Josh McDurmon, Biblical Logic in Theory and Practice, page 249-250

There is a belief system that values Truth over Power: and atheism isn’t that belief system.


What is Essential is Invisible

Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.

Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

— The Fox, in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince

To the regret of random-noise-loving, information-hating materialists everywhere.

From Uncommon Descent’s FFT: The worldviews level challenge — what the objectors to design thought are running away from

[P]erception, and that which depends upon it, are inexplicable by mechanical causes, that is to say, by figures and motions. Supposing that there were a machine whose structure produced thought, sensation, and perception, we could conceive of it as increased in size with the same proportions until one was able to enter into its interior, as he would into a mill. Now, on going into it he would find only pieces working upon one another, but never would he find anything to explain perception.

There is no recognition of meaning, no perception, no purpose, just blind cause-effect chains externally arranged to yield the solution to certain differential equations. GIGO, and all that. Likewise, the old Pentium chip neither knew nor understood nor cared about the wired in errors that led to the early recall. And, a neural network is not in principle any different. (BTW this points to serious design inferences on the relevant hardware and software in bio-cybernetics systems, but that is a secondary point.)

The primary point has been highlighted by Reppert:

. . . let us suppose that brain state A, which is token identical to the thought that all men are mortal, and brain state B, which is token identical to the thought that Socrates is a man, together cause the belief that Socrates is mortal. It isn’t enough for rational inference that these events be those beliefs, it is also necessary that the causal transaction be in virtue of the content of those thoughts . . . [But] if naturalism is true, then the propositional content is irrelevant to the causal transaction that produces the conclusion, and [so] we do not have a case of rational inference. In rational inference, as [C S] Lewis puts it, one thought causes another thought not by being, but by being seen to be, the ground for it. But causal transactions in the brain occur in virtue of the brain’s being in a particular type of state that is relevant to physical causal transactions.

In short, a physicalist account of mindedness (much less, guidance by light of conscience) faces an ugly, impassable gulch.

In effect, rocks — even refined and carefully organised rocks — have no dreams; computation is not intentional contemplation.

At this point, evolutionary materialism and its fellow travellers — and nope you cannot properly, conveniently open up rhetorical daylight between some vague agnosticism and full-blown evo mat to deflect this — face an impassable gulch.

One, that brings out what was already highlighted: mindedness, consciousness, reasoned inference and conscience’s compass-pointing alike are all reduced to grand delusion on evo mat premises.

Grand delusion would collapse responsible, rational freedom and so falls into irretrievable incoherence and absurdity. Thence, the necessary falsity Pearcey and others have pointed to.

But in reality, rational, responsible, conscience-compass bearing consciousness is our first undeniable empirical fact. The fact through which we perceive all others.

This is the familiar extraordinary phenomenon, the pivot on which the project of building a sound worldview turns. In effect, unless a worldview is compatible with our being responsible, reasonable, conscience-guided and significantly free beings, it cannot even sit to the table for a discussion of comparative difficulties. It is silenced by being inconsistent with rationality. It is patently, irretrievably absurd and necessarily false. (Evo mat and fellow traveller ideologies, I am looking straight at you.)>>

A long series of self-serving lies are slowly being ground into dust.

Without most Christians doing much for the cause of Truth, Justice, and Reason, by the way.