God, the Universe, and Everything Else

The blurb from Meeks’ book:

This present volume is ordered much like our world is ordered—with purposeful whimsy. Feel free to start at chapter one or at chapter sixty-one. This is a book that one doesn’t have to read straight through. It just needs to be read thoughtfully. This is as it should be. God, the Universe, and Everything Else labors under the assumption that a full-orbed, Christian worldview can speak about Christ and everything else without ever having to change the subject. This is an attempt to blur the artificial lines between the secular and the sacred so they we may see the world more clearly. In short, this is an amen to the claim of Christ’s absolute lordship over all things.

It looks promising, so I ordered a copy. When I read it — and I’m pretty sure that I will find the time to read it, someday… — I’ll give my impressions here.

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