Dead Skeletons and the Living Church

From Bill Evans, of Reconstructionist Radio, writing on Facebook
(repeated here with his permission)

IMO, the views expressed by many reformed ecclesiasticrats represents the empty husk of the traditions of the elders that Christ confronted…merely modern-day Pharisaism.

They travel land and sea to produce more calvinist churchmen/laymen; always careful to guard the flock from dangerous, bible believing, Spirit-motivated, kingdom-driven, covenant-keeping, nation building, independent thinker-leaders.


The Law of God is not about compliance with external trivialities, but rather renewing the mind, so as to bring the whole man into hearty agree with the word, will and character of God, resulting in Spirit-led, fruitful, obedient living. In the same way they make an idol out of Sunday church attendance, or the fact that they do not employ musical instruments, while most (not all) ignore the weightier matters of justice and mercy. These are all too willing to attempt to bind the consciences of others, when they cannot control their own. Do you who charge others went 2CVs, break the 6th with hateful thoughts or the 7th with slanderous lies? Beware!


Skeletons have form but no power; and the ekklessia in America today is ridiculed and ignored as an impotent, irrelevant skeleton. We need to earnestly seek the baptism of Spirit promised by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It’s time to rise up from our graves, in imitation of our Lord, infilled with the power of the Holy Spirit.


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