North’s “Death: The Great Equalizer”

Even though this essay is behind a paywall, I would feel bad if I didn’t at least mention this great takedown of the envy-driven Leftist mentality.

A mentality that, as Gary North points out, is very selective in regard to its targets.

Leftist hatred is not geared to sports celebrities or lottery winners or movie stars.

Leftist hatred is not geared to the corrupt nature of political wealth, and the mysterious fact that men of moderate means enter Congress, and either leave millionaires, or soon become one the moment conflict-of-interest rules and regs cease to be in force.

“Power makes wealth holy” in the eyes of the Left. This is true as much for (Leftist) political dynasties, as for (Leftist) dictatorships.

Leftist hatred – when it comes to economics – is specifically targeted to productive businessmen, and only productive businessmen.

(When it comes to culture, we all know what Leftists hate far more than anything else, now don’t we Mr. Christian?

And no, it isn’t about Oppression, or Ignorance, or Superstition. After all, the Great Enemy of the Left isn’t Enlightenment-era or Islamic contempt for women, the ignorance of the poor or the uneducated, or the widespread, irrational superstitions of China or India or Africa.

It’s about Power, of course, and the enemy is – always and forever – those loathsome and repulsive Christian (and never Islamic, say) believers who insist that there is a Higher Law and a Greater Authority than that proclaimed by politicians, the courts, and academia.)

At the end of his essay – which you should really read for yourself – North points out that Death points to an invisible government, one that is not run by men.

I recommend that you get familiar with this invisible government, one that rules over both the godly and the godless, and is unswayed by position or popularity or power.

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