Obedient Pharisees and Rebellious Disciples

Rabbi Lapin, of Thou Shalt Prosper fame (go get the book, if you haven’t already!) has a useful set of sermons and speeches on SoundCloud.

Certainly, Rabbi Lapin is more morally upright, more biblically literate, and frankly more sane than many – perhaps the solid majority! – of Christians today, leaders and laymen alike.

This stands as a horrific condemnation on the madness and rebellion of the Christian Church in America…

…especially as good morals and sound ethics, however valuable (and they are very valuable) can save neither a man nor nation. Only the worship and obedience of Jesus Christ can bring the waters of life we need in our dying souls and rotting nations.

It is the followers of Jesus Christ, loyal and obedient to the Holy Throne and the Commandments of God, who must lead the world from death to life.

The explicit and pointed refusal of the Church to obey God, uphold the Authority of Christ the King, and lead the world to salvation will only lead to more wrath, more disgrace, more powerlessness, and more open contempt and mockery.

Woe unto us, if the sons of the Pharisees can righteously and justly condemn the followers of Christ for our hatred of the Law-Word of God, and our contempt for the Commandments that Moses brought down from the hand of the Almighty!



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