A Tale of Two Kingdom Ecclesiology: The Road to Rome and Escondido

There is one Kingdom, and one King. Church & State, Family and Man, all are directly under HIM.

Kingdom & Abolition

Two-Kingdom ecclesiology is incompatible with the Kingdom of God.

Something is amiss, even in Reconstructionist circles. Two-Kingdom ecclesiology has truncated the Kingdom of God and equivocated on the Bride of Christ. These are errors to any Christian but it is blatant inconsistency on the part of those who hold to these errors while at the same time claiming to hold to Christian Reconstructionism or even Neo-Calvinist One-Kingdom Theology. An overemphasizing of the local institutional Church has caused an almost black hole effect; sucking all ecclesiological distinctives into the gravitational pull of the local Church. The visible Church (which is closely related to the Kingdom of God though not the same thing) has been confined to the local Church. This error brings about a separating of jurisdiction that necessitates one flavour or another of Two-Kingdom Theology. Maybe a Roman Catholic “Two Swords” style of split jurisdiction, or maybe even the novel

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