Secularist Courts and Their Love of Abortions

After going over, in detail, why it is a fool’s hope to think that any Supreme Court — including a Court 100% dominated by Republican appointees — will ever strike down abortion, the article The legal futility of relying on SCOTUS to abolish abortion ends with this advice:

In short, the only promising avenue to abolishing human abortion is for states to outlaw it by statute or state constitutional amendment, and then ignore the Supreme Court when it strikes the state law down. Ignore Roe. Ignore Casey. Ignore Hellerstedt. Ignore SCOTUS. States have a duty to interpose between all wicked tyrannical branches of government and the people, especially the innocent, unborn, the little ones.

I don’t expect this to be done for now, certainly not by our gelded, pathetically submissive Christian leadership: but, a few years after the Great Default and the bankruptcy of the Centralized Federal State, a lot more opportunities for resistance opens up.

(And don’t forget the 3.5% rule – the best way for Christians to really get back their freedom and their rights, without a shot being fired.)

It is past foolish, assuming that secularist courts — that is courts that are grounded in the defiance of God and His Commandments, in defense of the desires of the wealthy and powerful — will ever abolish abortion.

Or protect marriage.

Or protect your property.

Or protect your liberty.

Or protect your life.

Instead, they are dedicated to salami-slicing every freedom you have, in the name of the People. The second they can get away with more oppression and murder, they will do it, no questions asked: and any attempt to recind the latest theft will be decried as “going back to the past”, “enforcing (the wrong sort of) morality”, “a threat to the secular nature of the government” etc.

Christians will never be free in any secular society.

Indeed, they will only be increasingly despised, progressively stripped of their liberty and freedom, and methodologically ground under the heel of their mocking, laughing cultural masters.

Christians will only be free in societies where Jesus is Lord of All – including the government – and where His laws are proclaimed and enforced.


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