Sempai Noticed Us!

The Laughing Lie of “Civic Religion”

The Atlantic’s article, Do the Culture Wars Really Represent America?, is a plea for a new ‘Civic Religion’, to get the people united behind a single narrative, a single set of principles, a single set of leaders.

The more accurate story of America is one of “civil religion,” Gorski writes, that cherishes a founding myth and agreed-upon set of civic values and responsibilities. Understanding America’s tradition of civil religion is important for reviving the “vital center,” as he calls it: “believers and nonbelievers, Republicans and Democrats who support a moderate form of secularism and a liberal form of nationalism.” This is “not a mushy middle that splits the difference between left and right,” he says, nor does it “purport to be a ‘third way’ that ‘transcends’ debate.” Rather, the project is about re-learning how to talk to one another and establishing a set of shared principles derived from American history.

The stakes are high. “If we fail to rebuild the vital center, it will mean the end not only of American democracy—what is now left of it, anyway—but of the American creed itself: e pluribus unum,” Gorski writes. “The eyes of the world are still upon us. And if we should fail, the God of history will not deal kindly with us.”

I see no reason why I should pretend to have anything to do with a God-hating intellectual, unrepentant pro-abort, or a out-and-proud pervert, or a howling socialist.

And, rest assured, those anti-Christian rebels see no reason why they should have anything to do with the likes of you and me.

Except to teach Christians who has power in this society, and who does not.

And of course, it was that sly, smooth nonsense about Civic Religion — eagerly supported by authority-revering, controversy-shunning, milquetoast pastors — that oiled the way for Christians to comfortably slip and slide to the very bottom of society’s power and cultural structures, trusting in their leaders every step of the way.

(Admittedly, as Gary North noted in Political Polytheism, this particular Civic Religion lie would have gotten nowhere if Christians of the Revolutionary Era insisted that the Source of the Law is Jesus Christ, not We the People.

But making an idol of ourselves is so very pleasing…)

Let it be noted that each and every secular culture always and everywhere results in Christians being ground under the heel of their secularistic (actually, atheistic) enemies.

Christian beliefs will be held in contempt; Christian employees shall shut their mouths (while any and all anti-Christian employees laugh and joke and mock at their expense); Christians culture shall be driven underground (to be eliminated at leisure) as each and every commandment will be carefully broken, with the full backing of the ever-centralizing Secular State.

In the end, “the American creed itself: e pluribus unum,” is disintegrating before our eyes: and about time. It was never anything more than a lie, meant to put a single leech/leach around the neck of a free people, to be controlled by a tiny group of lawyers and bankers in Washington and New York City.

The only creed worth fighting for is this: Jesus is Lord. Any and all creeds that challenge this, including the self-serving blather of the American State, shall be broken.

Why lick the filth of those who despise you, when you don’t have to?

Sempai Noticed Us!

Green: You’re equally hard on libertarians, and particularly religious people who adopt a libertarian viewpoint. Why?

Gorski: I think the libertarian view of freedom is a fundamental misunderstanding of freedom. A more complex understanding of freedom involves mastering your passions, contributing to the common good, and being an active citizen. That, I think, is the traditional view of freedom, and certainly the view of people from John Winthrop to John Adams and Abraham Lincoln to Reinhold Niebuhr had.

And who gets to decide what “the common good” is?

Who decides what an “active citizen” is?

I can tell you right now: it won’t be any repulsive, uneducated, devout, religiously fixated Christian!

The Right Sort will decide, of course.

I have no interest for the fruits of my labours to be stolen and used to promote and exalt beliefs and actions that I despise, because some Smiling One elitist wants to take it in the name of the Common Good.

And I will not sacrifice my freedom and my life, nor that of my family, for a government that has nothing but utter and infinite contempt for Christian morality, Christian law, Christian civilization.

The Liberal American Empire will die in due course. We must insure that American Christendom rises up, even as the Empire crumbles and falls.

And what about Sempai?

I suggest that we forget the slithering, lying voices of the past, and focus on the Way of Christ, and the victory He has ordained for those who put Him FIRST, above and beyond the idols of the State and the Collective and the People.

The time of blinding old lies is past.

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