Hey kids… Marriage is really really cool!

From Rob Slane, at American Vision

Now if I were a young person (not that I’m terribly ancient, but if I were younger than I am) I think I would start to smell something fishy going on here. “Why is it,” I’d be asking myself, “that after being told that marriage is outdated, pointless, stifling drudgery by the media and the state all our lives – why is it that suddenly they’re all telling us that marriage is a really really great idea. Why is it that having engineered a situation where the numbers of people getting married have steadily fallen, the numbers of divorces have reached epidemic proportions, cohabitation is the norm, and where we have been taught to scorn marriage as “just a piece of paper”, why is it that they’re suddenly telling us: “Hey kids! Marriage is really really cool?” Something doesn’t quite add up.

Well just in case you are a young person who has been told all your life that marriage is outdated, pointless, stifling drudgery by the media and the state and you can’t quite understand how they’ve suddenly all become very keen supporters of marriage, here is the answer:

The state and the media have not suddenly become all enthusiastic about marriage. It’s all a ruse and if you believe it, then you’ve been duped. If they had suddenly become pro-marriage, their campaign wouldn’t look much like it currently does. Rather than campaigning for the diluted, legally insignificant institution they have allowed marriage to become to be extended to a group of people for whom marriage was never intended, they would instead be campaigning for the repeal of all the easy divorce laws and for proper sanctions for those who commit adultery. But they’re not doing that, are they? Maybe there’s another reason then. Is it at all possible that they do still believe that marriage is outdated, pointless, stifling drudgery, and that they are just using the homosexual cause to bring about its demise?

Well, this is true in part: but the greater reason is more along the lines of underscoring Who Has Power, and Who Shall Obey.

With the enemies of God with the power, and the Christians doing the obeying.

Now, lots of people may now start howling about the (broadly successful) hidden homosexual agenda, while neglecting to notice exactly why that evil conspiracy was so successful.

The reasons for their success has little to do with the cunning and strength of the openly perverted, and has everything to do with the weakness, corruption and willful disobedience of the Christians (aka, the secretly perverted).

Evil conspiracies and secret agendas don’t succeed without at least substantial support from the general population.

And, with Christians sending their children to be taught in public schools by secularists of various stripes; with the abortion industry counting numerous Christian women as clients; with the pointed refusal of Christians to abandon their adulteries and their divorces: they can expect little else from God except continued punishment and humiliation for their rebellion.

When Christians repent, then they will win.

Not a moment before.


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