Modern Sunday School

I don’t care much for today’s version of Sunday School.

Originally, it was a good idea, a 19th century English way to teach pagan children to learn to read, learn about God, and away from crime. As such an evangelical tool, it still has value.

Even adult Sunday school has value… if used in a similar way, to reach pagans.

But too often, it’s misused as a tool for lazy Christians to do less for the children God gave them to raise, an “hour of freedom” so far as they are concerned.


As a tool of evangelical outreach, it still has value.

That’s why I like the video above: It’s part of the Bible Project, and aims to teach interested viewers on the basics of Christianity.

Admittedly, I also like it for another reason: it’s a high-quality production.

For entirely too long, Christians have been comfortable with doing third-rate work, on the job and directly for the Lord.

This must end: and I trust that the Bible Project is a sign, that it is coming to an end.


For additional information on the subject, let me point out that Gary North has a selection of articles on the subject:


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