Education & Prayer

From More education means less religious commitment — unless you’re Christian

(RNS) It’s a popular belief: The more educated a person is, the less religious he or she likely will be.

And it’s mostly right, according to a new analysis of Pew Research Center surveys released Wednesday (April 26).


But there are exceptions.

The “big however,” Smith said, is that Christians — the majority (71 percent) of American adults — don’t seem to fit the pattern at all.

Christians with higher levels of education (70 percent, combining all measures) appear to be just as religious as those with less schooling (73 percent of those with some college and 71 percent with some high school), according to the analysis. They are almost equally likely at all education levels to pray daily, attend worship services weekly and say they believe in God with absolute certainty.

In fact, highly educated Christians are most likely (52 percent) to say they are weekly churchgoers, compared with 45 percent of those with some college and 46 percent with at least some high school, according to Pew.

Prayer is good.

Prayer with action is better.

Prayer, action, and a regrounding of academia on Christ and His Law-word is best!

Remember: science is a natural outgrowh of Christianity, a useful tool of dominion & productivity, and often a friend of liberty as well.

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