Contemplations and Information

While I enjoyed and was enlightened by the Uncommon Descent article on Functional and Classical information, it is basically a synopsis of a far more extensive article on the blog Contemplations.

I have to declare, this article, The Fingerprints of an Intelligent Programmer in the Genome, and the ‘Entropy = Information’ Mistake, is one of the more erudite, subtle, and intelligent written works I have had the pleasure of coming across in quite some time. However: by necessity, it is very specialized, so it’s over the head of most reasonably intelligent people, through no fault of their own.

(Certainly, I can’t understand the vast majority of academic specialist material!)

When Christians finally decide to up their game, they should be as tough as Gary North in their general “for the public” works, but as exact and demanding as Kirk Durston in their specialist/academic works.

We need both kinds of fighter, punishing explosive shells and sharpshooter lethality, to win the intellectual war.

Both men are very well trained in their fields: no amateurs, please.

Pay the price, in time and sweat and work and pain, to get the victory.


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