What Would a Biblical Society Look Like Today?

We should understand what we are fighting for: justice, compassion, prosperity, and the favour & blessings of God – for us, our children, and our neighbours.


“What a Theonomic Society Would Look Like”

by Dr. Joel McDurmon

Life and Liberty

Life would have its utmost protection in a theonomic state. It would be protected both by the state and from the state. Murderers would be executed (Ex. 21:12–14, 18–25; Lev. 24:17, 19–22).  Children in the womb would be protected as living persons. Anyone causing injury to an unborn child would be liable for damages (Ex. 21:22–25). Anyone willfully or through criminal negligence causing the death of an unborn child would be considered a murderer and subject to the death penalty. Abortion would, therefore, be strictly outlawed.

People would be strictly liable for the safety of others on their property. Those found negligent would be strictly liable for damages up to and including criminal negligence for life (Ex. 21:29–36; Deut. 22:8). Pets or livestock known to be…

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