Islamic Promises and Christian Treason

The Coming Islamic State of Egypt

First, a grim reminder of the worth of Islamic promises:

Last month, ISIS terrorists tried to attack the ancient monastery of St. Catherine’s, in Egypt’s Sinai desert. That fact might not sound too surprising, until we recall that St. Catherine’s has in its possession a decree of protection issued by the Prophet Muhammad himself and supposedly valid until the end of the world. If any place in the world should be immune from Islamist terrorism, it is this religious house. Following so closely on the hideous massacre of over 40 worshipers at their Palm Sunday services in Egyptian cities, this event indicates just how lethally perilous life has become for the country’s nine million or so Coptic Christians.

Just like all the other covenant-breakers, Muslims will make any promise while they are weak, and will break them in an instant when it becomes politically expedient to do so.

Christians are not to follow their example.

If Egypt’s armed forces were to become engaged in prolonged internal warfare like the horrors that overwhelmed Algeria in the 1990s, how long would they be able to maintain the loyalty of their (conscripted) ordinary soldiers and junior officers? In particular, how long could the government count on the army and police to defend those hated Christians against good Muslims? If the armed forces split, that would simply open the way to revolution. Perhaps this would be an elite Colonels’ Coup, such as Nasser himself led in 1952, or else we might imagine something like the general defection of the armed forces to Islamist revolution as occurred in Iran in 1979. Either way, we would be looking at a new military order, with a radical new sympathy for Islamist causes. The fate of Coptic Christians in such a new Egypt would be grim indeed.

Muslims will be Muslims: especially after they have majority status.

But my real question is: who will these Islamic governments — and their myriad of supporters — choose to kill, after the Christians have been disposed of?

Murderers are not going to be satisfied with dealing with only the obvious bands of filthy kafirs: endless eternal war — which is what Islam (and indeed, all non-Christian governments) are actually about — demands more enemies.

The slaughter is just getting started.

Best we stay out for now, excepting the most gutsy missionaries.

And even for those brave men, things will be easier after a few decades have passed, after the coming Caliphate(s) has successfully gutted and impoverished the entire Middle East, and after they have they have killed tens, perhaps even hundreds, of millions of Muslims (after liquidating the Christians, as usual) in the Sacred Name of Religious Purity.

Just as Europeans destroyed European Superiority; just as Americans chose to fling away their own American liberty; just as Western Christians chose to hate Christianity above all other religions: so will Islam will smash Islam into so much busted rubble.

The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven

 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. — Matthew 16:18-19

Western Christians bleat and moan about how oppressed they are, unaware that their enemies could not do a single thing without strong Christian support: be it secularization, or the public school system, or abortion, or homosexuality… or even the wave of Muslim immigrants now streaming into Western Europe.

This support typically comes from the pulpits, and works its way down to the pews.

But this support even extends to the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, and the other enemies of God.

“But why would Christians do that?”

“Because they value something – often, many, many things – more highly than obedience to God.”

Gary North recently recalled, in Bankrolling Our Enemies in Afghanistan, 1966-2001, how the US Government – Republican and Democratic – supported the fathers of today’s Islamic radicals. (You’ll have to go elsewhere, to see how the West – and even Israel – supports the Islamic State.)

To recall how Christians (including Christian businessmen) worked hard to back pointedly anti-Christian Communist regimes, see North’s review of Antony Sutton’s Theory of Elitist Manipulation, as well as Sutton’s own The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.

My point?

Christians hold the keys to heaven: what they release in heaven will be released on earth, and what they bound in heaven will be bound on earth.

When Christians choose to win, then they will win.

And not a moment before.


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