The Multiverse vs. God

The Multiverse: an unprovable, unverifiable supernatural construct created by atheists to evade the hard physical evidence of a supernatural Person.

Quotes from Apologetics Press:

7 Reasons the Multiverse Is Not a Valid Alternative to God [Part 1] [Part 2]

“Article in brief”

The “multiverse” (i.e. the existence of many Universes) has been proposed as a substitute for God to explain the origin of our finely-tuned Universe. The multiverse, however, while not having evidence of its own to substantiate it, also hinges on other theories that have no evidence to support them. It is unscientific by definition. Further, the multiverse does not answer the ultimate question of where everything came from; it admits that naturalism is not true; and, ultimately, tacitly admits the existence of God.

If the laws of thermodynamics indicate that the Universe could not have created itself or existed forever,1 where did the Universe come from? If the laws themselves cannot write themselves into existence,2 where did they come from? A growing number of naturalists are, ironically, recognizing that there has to be something outside of nature to explain the existence of the Universe. As we have shown elsewhere, there really is no such thing as a naturalist.3 Unnatural events—things which have not been shown to be able to occur in nature—must have occurred in the past in order to explain the natural realm (e.g., abiogenesis, laws of science writing themselves, matter/energy spontaneously generating, non-designed design, etc., had to occur).

In order to avoid admitting that a supernatural Being exists, the theory being invoked by a growing number of naturalists is that a supernatural (though apparently God-less) realm exists called the multiverse. This multiverse is thought to explain where matter, energy, the laws of physics, and even the “mysterious” examples of “fine-tuning” we see in the Universe came from, all without resorting to the existence of God as the explanation. In the words of cosmologist Bernard Carr of Queen Mary University of London, “If you don’t want God, you’d better have a multiverse.”4


  • There is no viable, strictly materialistic theory to explain the existence of Creation;
  • If you don’t want God, you had better go with the unprovable multiverse;
  • due to God or due to the multiverse, there is no such thing as a naturalist.

Got it.

String theory is not science. It is evidence-less speculation and conjecture. And some physicists recognize that the problem is even worse than a lack of evidence for string theory:

Joe Polchinski at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Raphael Bousso at the University of California at Berkeley calculated that the basic equations of string theory have an astronomical number of different possible solutions, perhaps as many as 101,000. Each solution represents a unique way to describe the universe. This meant that almost any experimental result would be consistent with string theory; the theory could never be proved right or wrong. Some critics say this realization dooms string theory as a scientific enterprise…. String theory is still very much a work in progress.30

Notice that scientists have correctly relied heavily on the ability to test, observe, and falsify scientific theories. Sadly, many scientists have moved to the extreme in their interpretation of that principle, claiming that since the supernatural realm cannot be empirically tested or observed, the existence of God or the Creation model should not be considered on the table of scientific discussion: it is essentially false by scientific definition, and pure naturalism is defined as true. The above scientists, however, are highlighting the fact that with regard to string theory, many scientists are now openly contradicting that long-held belief. But if supernatural options are now allowed in the discussion, why will these same scientists not allow the biblical explanation to be considered in the discussion, considering that the Bible has supernatural attributes and therefore provides positive evidence of the existence of the supernatural realm and its Ruler?31

In their hatred and fear of God, I predict more and more mainstream scientists are going to ditch falsification, testability, observable evidence and “sexist objectivity“.

The willfully blind shall lead the blind into the ditch.

Time for Christians to man up, and take the lead in science… as the materialists and atheists that currently dominate science, unable to back up their claims, retreat into unprovable fantasies.

Of course, it helps that Christians have children, and Secularists don’t. But this isn’t enough, as even Muslims bear children (and will profit from their investment in the future!)

Merely being alive puts you ahead of today’s dying Western civilization, but life is about more than merely living: it is about taking dominion, in submission to Christ, free from lawless tyranny, filled with the Holy Spirit.

Science is a tool of Dominion. More Christian children need to master it.

My thanks to Uncommon Descent for letting the cat out of the bag!


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