Marinov on the Bride of Christ

Just an excerpt from his Proverbs 31 Woman broadcast.

But in the world after the Cross, there are to be no more concubines, no more second-rate wives. This characteristic has a much more profound meaning, and we won’t have the time to examine it today. One application of it, however, needs to be mentioned: the fact that there are no more concubines in the world after the Cross affects the way we view the Church and her covenantal status before God. In an article in Faith for All Life several years ago, I made the connection between the different existing eschatologies and how they view the Church as the Bride of Christ. Modern amillennialism views the Church as simply a girlfriend, or, at best, a fiancee of Christ. “Almost a wife but not yet.” She has no authority over the world which is her Husband’s estate. Like a virtuous fiancee, her focus is on purity, not on responsibility and authority. She is not expected to take over the world as her legitimate sphere of work and dominion; she doesn’t have that legal right. Modern dispensationalism views the Church as a concubine of Christ. The real, fully privileged wife is national Israel, and all the promises and the inheritance belong to that real wife. But since, for a time, the real wife has eloped with her heathen lovers, Jesus has taken a temporary consort, the Church, with the purpose to incite the real wife, national Israel, to jealousy, and thus return Israel to Himself. The Church has all the rights of a wife and she will be rewarded for her services, but she has no inheritance or authority, for all the promises belong by right to Israel. Finally, postmillennialism view the Church as the true, fully privileged wife of Christ. Not only does she have the rights of a wife, she is fully representative of her Husband and has full authority over His estate, the world. She is expected to take dominion over the world now and to exercise her authority in bringing the world. She has full authority; she doesn’t have to wait for any more permission to rule in her own right. Being Christ’s body and His fulness (Eph. 1:23), redeemed, crowned, and enthroned to rule with Him, her job is to occupy, or, in another translation, do business, or, using the Greek original, pragmateusaathe (from the same root as “practice”), until He comes.

But that mandate is not limited to the church. It is actually a mandate to every wife. Whoever claims that wives are supposed to remain passive and waiting for their husbands to rule over them and tell them what to do, micromanaging their work, shopping, and business decisions, has no idea of what the Biblical view of the virtuous wife is. That Biblical view is expressed very specifically in one of the most important chapters about the Biblical view family: Proverbs 31. Anyone who does not lay Proverbs 31 as the foundation of his view of the family, is not restoring the Biblical family, but some twisted pagan view of the family, whether patriarchal or feminist, but the Biblical view.

Incidentally, in regard to Concubines in the Bible, listen to Marinov’s presenation on the Concubinage on ReconstructionRadio.


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