The Saudi Religious Police Fade Away…

… and, when they enter their eternal habitations, they can greet the Gestapo, the KGB, and the other pointedly anti-Christian enslaving police forces and organizations as well.

The declining role of the religious police

Riyadh sits in the Nejd heartland of Saudi Arabia, where in the mid-18th century the first Saudi King allied with Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab, a cleric who promoted a harsh interpretation of Sunni Islam.
This alliance is a marriage of convenience that has survived for more than two and half centuries and is the key to the political economy of Saudi Arabia in which the Saudis have retained absolute authority — so much so that their family name is embedded in the name of the country — while the Wahhabi religious establishment sanctions the rule of the absolute monarchy and has largely held sway over the social mores of Saudi society.
Until a year ago, compliance with the dictates of Saudi-style Wahhabi Islam were rigorously enforced by members of the feared religious police, known as the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (the same name that was used by the Taliban’s religious police when the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan).

The religious police patrolled the streets looking for purported malefactors and were given a more or less free hand to do so. In one notorious episode in 2002, in the holy city of Mecca, the religious police prevented girls from fleeing a school that was on fire because they were not properly dressed. Fifteen of them perished in the flames.

But, last April, the wings of the religious police were clipped by King Salman and his son MBS, as he is universally known here. They no longer have the power to arrest suspects and now can only report them to regular police units.
In addition to getting the religious police to back off, the Saudi monarchy has allowed some music concerts to happen,
The Pharisees will fail, in the end, as God does not stand with them.

PS: There is a distinct possibility that all police organizations are, by their nature, anti-Biblical, and so have no place in a society organized according to Biblical principles.

Seeing that

  • there is no provision for a civilian police force in the Bible (as opposed to a proper army)
  • they originated in either an increasingly secular and statist culture (UK), when they didn’t rise from slave-catching patrols (US)
  • they were never heard of during the highly decentralized Medieval Christian period

I suggest that today’s government-funded Police Force is essentially an anti-Biblical instrument of tyranny.

A standing army directed against the inhabitants of the land, rather than against outside enemies.

A curse on cowardly, responsibility-hating Christian men, who refuse to face the enemy themselves, and so abdicated their responsibilities to the State, Our Saviour… instead of personally and corporately uphold the commandments of God themselves, as judges and as fighters bound to uphold God’s Law.


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