Toppling Cultural Idols

My respect to American Vision for their willingness to show Robert E Lee, the Official Saint of the South, as (Shock! Horror!) a proponent of the enslavement of Black Americans… because they are, well, Black.

For Christ’s Kingdom to Rise, Idols Must Fall.

For Christ Kingdom to Rise, there must be repentance.

No, I am not proposing the destruction of all those official memorials of the Lost Cause: such a destruction of memory and the relics of the past is merely leftist violence and hatred… usually in the service of some new tyranny, a new pack of lying masters.

I do propose an end to the reverence for old slavers. Not because slave-holders per se are particularly damned merely because they held slaves: Paul taught no such thing in the New Testament, after all.

But because the Southern Institution was grounded on injustice and unlawful oppression, while claiming a Biblical Mandate for their evil.

Such a blasphemy of God’s Name had to end… and did end.

Over the violent, to-the-death objections of 1/4 of the manhood of the South.


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