America as a Dying Rebel

The Fire-Breathing Christian’s The Twilight Of Our Twilight Zone is an interesting perspective on our failing society.

Bruce Jenner. Bill Clinton. Donald Trump. America.

Rebels come and rebels go.

Wannabe empires rise and fall.

The Kingdom of God advances over and through ’em all, building on the smoldering ruins they leave behind after breaking themselves upon the unbreakable Law of the Christ that they will not have to rule over them.

So don’t let the decidedly Twilight Zone-ish American culture get you down in any inappropriate way, and by “inappropriate” here I mean skipping over the “Twilight” part of our (temporarily) Twilight Zone reality.

The rebellion of men and women who will not have Christ to rule over them as Lord is in its twilight.

The craziness of a culture gone mad with self-centered, emotion-driven feelings over thought is in its twilight.

The suicidal stupidity of pursuing law, art, economics, education and everything else as though these things are not the God-defined, God-sustained, God-owned things that they are is an approach to reality that is in its twilight.

The writer is quite correct: the current levels of lunacy are a symbol of madness and decline, not some glorious breakthrough for human freedom.

It is important to not be distracted by the antics of a deluded people: the future must be gained, and hard work is necessary to get it.

America isn’t the only society that will fall apart: Venezuela and South Africa, among many, many others, are due for their day of reckoning. But it’s the Americans who the historians will be talking about, a century hence.


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