Sinful Children, Unpunished and Undisciplined

From A Generation of Men Raised by Women

There are three primary social institutions that have historically served to mold young boys into men: family, religion, and education. Yet the masculine influence of these institutions diminished over the last century. Let’s take a closer look at each.

I’m going to jump directly to Education here…

Until the mid-nineteenth century, the vast majority of teachers were men. Teaching was not considered a lifelong career but was rather undertaken by young men during the slow periods on the farm or while studying to become a lawyer or minister. Children were thought to be inherently sinful and therefore prone to unruly behavior; they thus needed a strong male presence to keep them in line. As some Christian denominations became more liberal, the emphasis on children’s sinfulness was replaced by a focus on their need to be gently nurtured into morality, a task believed to be better suited to the fairer sex. At the same time, women were marrying and having children at a later age, allowing them more time to teach before settling down. The result was a complete reversal in the gender make-up of the education profession.

In 1870, women made up 2/3 of teachers, 3/4 in 1900, 4/5 in 1910. As a result, boys were spending a significant portion of their day at school but passing the time without the influence and example of an adult male mentor.

Of course, in the modern dispensation, there is no sin at all. Ergo, the corruption and disintegration of education in toto.

But sin – and more to the point, the ugly and painful consequences of sin – is still as powerful as ever. And there remains a mighty Judge, who is more than willing to have His enemies destroy their own children, or invite nation with a profoundly hostile culture and religion to be their neighbours.

  • God’s enemies decide to publicly mock and despise His rule.
  • God lets his enemies slash their own throats open.
  • God – and those who follow Him – wins.
  • Satan – and his followers – loses.

And this is ignoring the very high likelihood of God actively working to destroy them, just as He led Pharaoh to a watery grave.

As for those sinful, unpunished, undisciplined children?

Now that they have grown up to be conscienceless monsters, certain of their own moral superiority even as their graves beckons, and their nations fall apart around them?

Don’t worry too much about the ugly destiny that they have willfully chosen – both in history, and after their death.

Just be sure to avoid it yourself… and teach your children to shun it, too!

Look to build up and insure the survival of those who fear God, so they may inherit what the dying Secular West will leave behind.


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