The Lamb Among The Stars

From the Amazon blurb on the first book of The Lamb Among the Stars series, The Shadow and Night.

In the first book in the epic Lamb among the Stars series, author Chris Walley weaves the worlds of science and the spirit, technology and supernatural into something unique in science fiction. Twelve thousand years into the future, the human race has spread across the galaxy to hundreds of terraformed worlds. The effects of the Fall have been diminished by the Great Intervention, and peace and contentment reign under the gentle rule of the Assembly. But suddenly, almost imperceptibly, things begin to change. On the remotest planet of Farholme, Forester Merral D’Avanos hears one simple . . . lie. Slowly a handful of men and women begin to realize that evil has returned and must be fought. What will this mean for a people to whom war and evil are ancient history? Thus begins the epic that has been described as “If C. S. Lewis and Tolkien had written Star Wars.”
The Shadow and Night was previously published in two volumes: The Shadow at Evening and The Power of the Night.

It sounds like a very interesting view of a truly interstellar/postmillenial future.

I don’t think that I’m the kind of insightful man the writer, Chris Walley, is, but I definitely hope to hear more of him in the future!

Now, true, storytelling today relies of conflict and fighting to create reader interest: and so reasonably Christ Walley emphasizes the reintroduction of major evil into the human universe.

This is perfectly reasonable: the Bible itself is a story of man’s rebellion under Adam, and man’s redemption by Jesus Christ, the Second Adam, capped by the Final Judgement and the two eternal destinies of the New Creation and the Lake of Fire.

(That’s some serious conflict there!)

I admit though, I am looking forward to the rise of stories where conflict between men (or, far worse, conflict between men and God) plays no part. Where God above and righteous men below work in unity, to better organize the earth (definitely, as God says so in the Bible) and the heavens (possibly, if God so chooses) into an ever more God-pleasing form.

A form full of life and joy, compassion and interest, colour and purpose. With the Holy Spirit flowing from the Father and the Son. filling all the people, and guiding and shaping all of our works.

A day worth praying for, working for, fighting for!


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