Kardashev Engineering

Certainly, assuming more than a 1% population growth for humanity, such an engineering project will become necessary for humanity.

Once again, I suspect that most of this will be in the New Creation: the level of power and complexity required is, among sinful men, far more likely to be used for harm rather than good, for static slavery (or worse, mass murder) rather than free growth.

Still… with an abortion rate of about 58 million per year – that’s a lot of dead kids, and dead futures… it can be said that many cultures and peoples will choose death over life in the name of today’s pleasure, but not all. Those who choose life over death, AND choose to work with their kids, to raise them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord, will inherit the future.

So, most people today can’t handle the technology we have today… but some can.

And those who can, win.

Sure, there’s a time lag involved, as in many of the Bible’s prophecies. That’s just the way it is: however, judgement eventually arrives. After all, it took about a century before Isaiah’s prophecies came to pass…

And, speaking of time lags, it’s going to take some time before even a sinless technological civilization can harness the energy of an entire galaxy, as below:

But, if and only if God permits it (and it glorifies His name, not ours), it may come to pass.

Or, it may not. Jesus Christ will be making that call.


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