Adam’s Failure, Christ’s Victory, and Mars

You can ignore the million-years bit — I do! — but what can’t be ignored is the physical, real fact that at one time, a cold Mars really did have flowing water.

We have actual dried-up riverbeds and channels on Mars. This isn’t a made-up/hypothetical data point, like the decay rate of Carbon-14… or the sudden ability of proteins to survive for millions of years, a “discovery” that was made when scientists came face-to-face with real dinosaur blood.

(This was the exact moment when I realized that evolution simply could not be disproved: the goalposts would always be moved if any real threat rose up against the atheistic materialistic narrative.

I refuse to play that game. You should, too.)

Getting back to the point, the “billions of years” cannot be verified by scientific methods, and cannot be proven or disproven. But those riverbeds on Mars are right there, and can be photographed and measured today.

So, what does this have to do with Adam?

The following is mere speculation, based on the dead Mars of today… and the watered world of the past.

Not a living world (at least, not proven to be so), but a watered world.

Perhaps with a breathable atmosphere back then, perhaps not: all we know is that it had water once upon a time, and now it doesn’t. It is reasonable to speculate that it did had an atmosphere like earth’s once upon a time… but that’s just speculation.

Anyways, just as the Moonos a great platform for Man to expand into space, so Mars would have been a great place to learn how to terraform, how to bring life to a world.

Especially as it already had water.

True: radiation would remain a problem… at least on today’s Mars.

But it’s likely that the radiation of the sun was milder/not as destructive back then, before the universe (and Mars!) was cursed by the sin of Adam. Or, the hypothetical “sinless Adamic race” — a.k.a. the road not chosen, when our ancestors chose instead to defy God rather than serve Him, by obeying a snake and valuing it’s hissing words over the clear, life-giving Word of Christ —

(Yes, we were that arrogant. And that stupid. And that short-sighted.

“Why didn’t I just take the fruit from the Tree of Life immediately, and forget about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?!?

No possibility of losing what’s really important – eternal life – and, even more importantly, I will please the God who made me and loves me… and not the snake who hates me and wants to see me and mine die.”

Actually, Gary North – and I – think that God would have eventually allowed Adam and Eve access to the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil… AFTER they have passed the crucial test of obedience to the lawful and holy authority of God Himself.

“Get the majors right, and the minors won’t be a problem.”)

— could have created an artificial life-protecting magnetosphere, either by spinning the world itself and heating up its core, or by setting up a constellation of electro-magnetic satellites, able to 1) harvest solar radiation and 2) generate an artificial magnetosphere.

Fortunately, we live in the (slowly blossoming) New Creation era, AFTER the birth, life, crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus Christ.

That changes everything.

First, we can understand what Adam foolishly threw away.

Second, we can see a way to get it back.

I think we will do it after we have ceased to age, but before we start expanding into space in earnest. But I may be wrong: we may resurrect Mars, and bring it life as (I think) Adam was meant to do, even before Christ returns.

The Godhead will decide, and rightfully so. In the meantime, even as sinners, we have stepped on another world, and we know far more about the Creation then Adam did.

And up from Mars, and on for the stars: God named them all, and I believe that He named them for a reason. We name things to show and communicate that we can identify them… and we only bother to identify things that are important to us, things that we will interact with, or put to work, or study and learn from.

No need to name something that we will never touch, never see, never use, never interact with.

Being a member of the redeemed Adamic race – following Jesus Christ – is the best thing possible in this life. And it will only get better in the future!


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