Local Heroes and Establishment Villains

From Quora:

What is the scariest fact about Vladimir Putin?

The scariest fact about Vladimir Putin is that he is the first truly competent peacetime leader in the country’s history. In fact, he is probably the most competent national leader in the world today (though President Xi is very competent, too). Here’s what I mean by competent:

The only leader in history I can recall whose performance exceeded this is Mao Zedong, another Western villain and local hero.

P.S. Thanks for the correction to Russia’s GDP!

As you know, I am no fan of Putin.

But, it’s important to know more than your own viewpoint, if you want to judge wisely, ad God wises us to.

We are commanded to be perfect, as our Father is perfect: and that means right judgement, with all the information, without bias or prejudice.

And while I am no fan of Putin, it is the repulsive Western political establishment which is the most committed enemy of Christ.


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