A Free Society Needs a Just Legal System…

Not a legal system that is focused only and solely on due process.

No: a godly society — that is, a society that will inherit and prosper in the future – needs a JUST legal code, and a judiciary FREE of ungodly interference.

Which is where American Vision’s article Creating a free judiciary comes in.

Private Christian Courts

In light of what has been said so far in reference to biblical courts, the most important thing we can do today is to attempt at all costs, as far as possible, as often as possible, to settle inter-personal disputes privately. What does this look like in practice?

For Christians, private settlement means first, forgiveness whenever possible. Secondarily, it means private Christian courts. This was Paul’s main argument to the Corinthians, as we reviewed before. Christians need to recover this doctrine and put it into action. In general, Christians should:

1) Appeal only to Christian “courts”

2) Allow only Christian judges or arbitrators to resolve disputes between Christians

3) Allow only biblical law as the standard of judgment in such cases

4) Provide only such remedies or restitution as biblical law allows

5) Provide some measure for finality of the decision

There should be a just and God-pleasing alternative to these malice-driven, pagan ‘justice system’ — a court system explicitly stacked against Christian culture, and Christian men.

Christ Alone

Let’s consider each of these five aspects. The first point is an application of the idea of sovereignty. Christians have one ultimate King and Judge, the Triune God. It is He who presides, ultimately, over all of life. Only courts that honor Him ultimately have validity. The universe is His courtroom, and no one has removed the Ten Commandments from this courtroom, nor will they. The point is intimately tied with the other four, but especially with point three—that of law. Law in every society is ultimately religious in origin, and the source of law in any given society is that society’s God.1

A fact that “objectively neutral” intellectuals prefer to hide. But at least, they no longer bother to cover up their comprehensive contempt for Christian Law and Christian Justice.

Right now, there are a fair number of professions where Christians must explicitly renounce Christ Law-Order and His Kingdom (be it abortionist medical colleges, or homosexualist legal systems).

This will increase until the Great Default, when the welfare state dies.

What Christians SHOULD do is prepare for the fall of the system, by building their wealth (in obedience to God – as God’s Law and Grace is a form of wealth – as well as financial) and their community of believers, in business and family and neighborhood as well as in the churches.

What I think most Christians WILL do is cry and bawl, because the leeks and onions of Egypt have failed, and their laughing masters no longer toss them a few checks in return for their silence and complicit obedience to Moloch.

Christians, as members of God’s holy society, the temple of God on earth (1 Pet. 2:5–10), must recognize the ultimate validity only of God’s law, and thus God-honoring courts. Courts judging according to some other legal standard are courts of some other god as well—no matter how much any constituent part or party of any case may say “so help me God.” This has major implications. Christians must generally consider modern state courts to be mostly ungodly.

This is a massive understatement.

However they may have been originally founded, they have long since abandoned, as we have seen, any formal recognition of Christian law and have instead embraced Holmes’ humanistic standard of evolutionary, relativistic law. Granted, some traces of Christian judicial heritage may remain, but traces only indicate past history, they do not legitimize the courts as still acceptably “Christian” today. We will address secular courts more in a moment. For now it is expedient just to acknowledge their apostasy and avoid them as much as possible.

A very wise viewpoint.

I strongly advice you to read the whole article – and for that matter, the entire book – so you understand the goal that Christians must work for, to regain their liberty and the future God wishes His people to enjoy.

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