Awaiting the Purge

From America’s Pastor-Led Abandonment Of The Great Commission

Does your Pastor embrace the Gospel-fueled Great Commission?

Or does he not?

Is your Pastor all about the full life-, culture-, and civilization Gospel?

Or is his gospel something smaller.

Much smaller.

As in: man-sized with no room for anything else.

Sadly, it’s this little man-sized, eek-a-person-into-heaven counterfeit gospel that has become the norm in most self-described “conservative, Bible believing” (and even “Reformed”) churches in America…which tells us all we need to know about how and why the American culture has come to its current pathetic and getting-worse-by-the-minute state.

In it’s place, they’ve embraced a sort of neo-Gnostic, hyper-spiritualized, insanely pietistic alternative worldview that enables and encourages the preemptive surrender of any area of life, culture, and civilization deemed not to fit into the teeny, tiny, man-made counterfeit definition of “spiritual”.

In their open rejection and replacement of the everything-touching, everything-defining Gospel-fueled Great Commission of Jesus Christ, these often kind seeming, friendly Pastors and church leaders are, in reality, escorting the culture (and everyone in it) to hell.

The Fire-breathing Christian is right.

So, while preparing for the purge of the pulpits, we laymen will have to do the job ourselves, of preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

The below comes from the supplementary text of the video:

Bojidar Marinov says,

Every single positive change in history starts with change in our hearts, and change in the pulpit. Which means, concerning the standing occupying army of police, we need to first change our hearts and trust God that maintaining a social order is not the same as having a standing army for terrorizing the population. Then we need to purge the pulpits of any preacher who supports the existence of police, or the existence of any other tyranny. At the very least, do not support with your money pulpits which support tyranny.

Once preaching is changed, the change in the culture will come very quickly.

Also, see


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