Christians who Assume WAY Too Much

From North’s Christian Economics: Teacher’s Edition Chapter 21: Dominion and Education

The family is the primary institution for the education of children with respect to informal education: language, social interaction, and ethics. Parents are responsible before God to rule their households as trustees. This responsibility cannot be deferred to others. The tasks can be lawfully delegated, but not covenantal responsibility. This is why parents should be the primary source of funding for formal education. There is an old phrase: “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” If the family refuses to fund education, then some other institution will take over. It will call the tune.

Meet our friend enemy, the Secularist State.

“But we’re not really enemies… we’ll happily pay for your child’s education, to teach him in the way we think he should go!”

“Free money! Don’t you want free money? Don’t you want us to free up your time?”

“So what if we teach him to spit on your faith and your ethics? We’ll educating him for free, and taking a huge burden off of your shoulders! Can you imagine what you can do with all the money and time you get to keep?”

Most Christian parents pretend that this principle does not hold. They argue that education is neutral covenantally, and therefore the supposedly neutral state should fund education. They assume that the first principles of Darwinian evolution by means of unplanned, purposeless natural selection do not shape the entire public school curriculum from day care through graduate school. They assume that the ethical content of education is the same for all educational programs. They assume that state-funded instructors will be neutral in both their selection of facts and their presentation of facts.

Most Christians assume WAY too much.

As they are in explicit defiance of Biblical teaching on the matter, it would be best to avoid the path of these rebels.

Yes, yes, back in 1950… or maybe even in 1980… there could be some excuse offered. A poor excuse, but something.

But NOW?!?

They are close to immune to the biblical idea that the content of education is not neutral. They pretend that the education provided by the king of Babylon was not a way to train Hebrew children to become agents of the Babylonian empire (Daniel 1). But then came the day of reckoning when payment for the free education was demanded. The payment was obedience to the king.

Ah yes. Our Enemy, the State.

An enemy-idol that has been around for a long, long, long time.

(See I Samuel 8 for details.)

Once again, if it wasn’t for the raw financial incompetence of our enemies, coupled with the technologically-driven push to decentralization, the only realistic future would be a future without any Western Christians, whatsoever.

As it is, it’s going to take centuries to pick up the shattered shards of Christendom that our ancestors left scattered around us, in their lust for National Greatness, the Welfare State, and the Needs of the Race.

(And it’s going to be Africans – Arab or Black – who will have to rebuild Christendom in (Western) Europe. Thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit, or I would have written that region off as gone forever myself.)


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