Marinov Pounds the Table on Local Church Membership!

Bojidar Marinov sets the record straight
From Facebook, July 1, 2017, the Level-Headed Christian Reconstruction Group

Let me just repeat what should be obvious to anyone with even just a little understanding and honesty:

When you preach mandatory “local church membership,” and at the same say that the “local church” doesn’t have to be perfect for one to join, you are giving a free pass to “elders” or “pastors” like yourself. Under the combined effect of these two ideologies, church bureaucrats like you know that they will always have an adequate supply of “members” without having to do anything too much on their side. Thus, the main cost is laid on the ordinary Christians – they are obligated to join, even if the “local churches” are all corrupt – whereas the cost for church bureaucrats is lowered.

You are never going to reform the church this way. And you are never going to reform yourself this way. As long as the mandatory part is laid on the ordinary people but slack is cut to the leaders, there will be no reformation. You need to do it the other way around: Mandatory perfection for church leaders and freedom for ordinary people to join, if they find it helpful. Until you do it this way, you will be spinning your wheels in the air. And all your frantic activities will mean nothing whatsoever.

And again, the same day

How did Presbyterians in the past achieved such overwhelming cultural dominance?

Answer: Unlike the modern Presbyterians and other fake “Reformed,” they had it the other way around: Church leaders had to be perfect (mandatory perfection), and church members were under no obligation to join a “local church.” (The very concept of “local church membership” was nonsensical. Membership was always in the universal church through baptism.)

This comes from the pen of John Knox himself, who believed that it is better to not have a church than to have a church with ministers who are not able:

“We are not ignorant that the rarity of godly and learned men shall seem to some a just reason why that so strait and sharp examination should not be taken universally; for so it shall appear that the most part of kirks shall have no minister at all. But let these men understand that the lack of able men shall not excuse us before God if, by our consent, unable men be placed over the flock of Christ Jesus; as also that, amongst the Gentiles, godly, learned men were also rare as they are now amongst us, when the apostle gave the same rule to try and examine ministers which we now follow. And last, let them understand that it is alike to have no minister at all, and to have an idol in the place of a true minister; yea and in some cases, it is worse. For those that are utterly destitute of ministers will be diligent to search for them; but those that have a vain shadow do commonly, without further care, content themselves with the same, and so they remain continually deceived, thinking that they have a minister, when in very deed they have none.”

This in total contradiction to the modern “Reformed,” for whom even a church lorded over by brambles is OK to join.

I love it when Christians win, and I hate it when Christians lose.

It’s good that Bojidar Marinov feels the same way: and, even better, has a Biblically-rooted plan to set things aright.

Let’s put it in motion, and purge the pulpits.


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