Marinov: Local Churches and Immaturity

From another of Bojidar Marinov’s Facebook post on July 1, 2017, at The Level-Headed Christian Reconstructionist

I was asked why I believe that the “local churches” keep the people immature.

The answer is that under the false doctrine of “submission to elders” (based on twisting a Biblical text), there can be in a “local church” no one who is wiser, more mature, more knowledgeable, or more active and successful than the “pastor” or the “elders.” If such a person becomes a member of such a church, then he will eventually get to a point where his more mature judgment will have to clash with the more immature judgment of the “leaders.” Under the false doctrine of “submission to elders,” he will have to submit to a less mature judgment in order to avoid being “disciplined.”

Even worse will be the conflict of power and authority. If a person of no power is capable of advising people better than those in power, his authority in the church will grow beyond the power of the “leaders.” No church session can tolerate such discrepancy of power and authority, and they will either be forced to kick the guy out, or force him to act less mature and wise. There is no escape from this outcome.

Thus, by default, the level of maturity in a “local church” will always have to be limited to the level of maturity of its “leaders,” and these “leaders,” not being goaded by pressure from others, won’t spent the effort to become more mature themselves. (Especially when the doctrine of mandatory “local church membership” provides them with “members.”)

In the long term, the church will get less mature, and the people in it will get less mature.

The only solution is to get rid of the false doctrine of “submission” to elders, and replace it with the doctrine of Luke 22:26-27, that is, only those deserve submission who have submitted themselves to everyone else. Church bureaucrats deserve no submission and no honor, period.

Or, the way to avoid system rot is to allow the healthy parts of the church to get out of the rotten parts… and the abuse of the doctrine of “submission to the elders” naturally leads to rot and immaturity, as can be seen all around us.

Elders need to be selected by the congregation, empowered by the Holy Spirit, whose guidance we gain by obeying God’s will, as written in the Bible. A bureaucracy is not scriptural, no more than seminary is.


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