Progressive Decline

From More Tales of the Tone Deaf: How to Weed Creationism Out of Schools

Gallagher strives to give absolutist power to elite Darwinists to crack down on dissent, something they did not entirely succeed in doing at the recent rethinking evolution meeting at the Royal Society, where most dissenters from Darwinism are not ID supporters.

But in his hunger for a war against nearly half of American biology teachers, he is certainly in keeping with progressive values.

The trouble is, he has missed the train. He should try converting Third Way researchers, of growing importance, to his “Five Easies” Darwinism.

Progressivism is slowly beginning to fail in any situation where it cannot resort to censorship and violence, partly because most people just don’t want to live with enforced lying and professional bullies. And sometimes we get a chance to keep them out or get rid of them. Like now maybe.

Now, Progressivism, like Socialism and Islam, are grounded in power and violence and censorship and lies. So long as the violence is funded, they will flourish.

But the free market system, created by God, requires peace and justice to flourish: lies and violence undermine wealth generation.

Without the money to back it up, the swords will fail.

(And I point, once again, to decentralization and the oncoming Great Default.)

Immoralist Christians

That being said, I would be amiss not to mention that today’s welfare state, with taxation and bureaucratic control levels that would make Pharaoh proud, is quite strongly supported by numerous “Bible-believing (but not Bible-Obeying!) Christians.”

Even Satan will resort to bribes and lies and seduction, when he is restrained from killing in vast numbers. And Progressivism is grounded in political religion, stealing from Peter to give to Paul, in the name of Democracy.

(And, increasingly explicitly, against the name of Christ.)

As a society, as a people, as a nation, and as individuals, we welcome Satan to rule over us, in return for some pottage of FREE MONEY, FREE EDUCATION, and FREE HEALTHCARE.

It’s all Stones into Bread: Satanic miracles given intellectual cover by that liar and perverted immoralist Keynes, backed by stealing from the future with unpayable debt, destroying the inheritance of prosperity for the satisfaction of yourself.

When you aren’t tearing apart posterity itself, right in the womb, again to ease your own personal burdens and avoid the consequences of your actions.

(People who follow Satan ARE going to kill vast numbers of innocents.
It’s part of the package.)

Satanic miracles are not actually creative actions, but mere slight-of-hand tricks, thefts and lies that people – many of whom are Christians – love and enjoy, and cry out for more.

And when the bill comes due? “So long as someone else has to pay it, I don’t care.”

Or if Christians happen to live to see the day? “Oh, for the leeks and onions of Egypt! Oh, for the times when we got tons of Free Stuff by Our Loving Masters!”

Moralist Muslims

The Immoralists won’t care. As soon as it becomes politically convenient, the Establishment will convert to Islam, following the progressive Thought Leaders Of Europe who know where their bread is buttered.

The mask changes: the ideology changes: the hatred of God and His People endures.

And rest assured: when the tide turns, the new Moralists Muslims will be able to use all sorts of quotes from all sorts of Christian leaders endorsing sodomy, the discredited Establishment, feminism, the secularist welfare state, and limitless government power to great effect. Throw in the Progressive Christian’s hatred of Western Civilization, and the Moralist Muslims of the future will have it made, especially in Western Europe.

“It’s always best, when the enemy makes the swords you use to kill him. Saves time and effort.”

Lessons for today?

God is not mocked: if you despise Him, He will despise you.

Once again, the generations of the wicked are cut short, while those who fear God endure for multiple generations. (And it is true, that Muslims largely do not kill their children, and so by definition are morally superior to most Western Christians.)

God often deals with His enemies one at a time. For this century, possibly extending to the next, it will be time for the atheistic West to be ground to powder. Islam’s painful encounter with the One True God will have to wait, as God cleans house and deals with His rebellious servants…. but that day will come.

Judgement starts at the House of God, after all.

And those who knew their Master’s will, and refused to obey, will have to be crushed before the violent ignorami are dealt with. That’s just the way the universe operates, as God designed it to be.


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