The Methods and the Man

From Take Ownership of Your Bolshevism, Bernie!

The murder of Russian clergy and nuns is especially relevant given the recent attack that Sanders made upon Christianity in general and the Christian beliefs of a political nominee during a recent Senate confirmation hearing. Despite Sanders’ stated commitment to separation of church and state, the Vermont senator took it upon himself to condemn specific Christian beliefs and declare that they were (in his words) “unacceptable” with secular American views. To put it bluntly, Sanders was saying that the nominee, Russell Vought, had Christian beliefs that contradicted secular viewpoints, and even though the U.S. Constitution forbids a religious test for government nominees, Sanders imposed one, anyway.

Does that mean Sanders would approve of torturing nuns to death? No, but Sanders self-identified with a political figure who did just that, and he also placed himself in solidarity with others, including Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro, and Che Guaevara who did order mass executions of people simply because they confessed the Christian faith.

One cannot separate the methods from the man.

In the same way atheistic Action reflect Atheistic beliefs, and Islamic action reflect Islamic beliefs, so Christian action must reflect Christian beliefs… and not some water-downed, nicey-nicey, uncontroversial pablum that meets the approval of our secular superiors.

We serve a God of justice and love, a patient God who does not tolerate evil forever, but prefers to redeem rather than destroy men. We serve a God of truth and life, a Lord who is willing to pay the price for victory.

It’s about time our actions reflected our beliefs.

In my view, Sanders is a gutless liar. Watching his supporters destroy property, beat up political opponents, and resort to gun violence itself, one realizes that those who truly believe in Bernie Sanders better understand the implications of his political philosophy than he does. One wishes that Sanders would “come out of the closet” and admit that in order to impose his utopia, a lot of people must die violent deaths. I would admire that man much more than I admire the deceitful senator from Vermont.

People can sense when you are putting up a mask and a front, and despise it.

People know when you are speaking the truth from your heart, and respect it.

Speak the truth that God has placed in your life, directly from the Bible, Christian!


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