The Kingdom is Separate from the Church

From Bojidar Marinov, on Facebook, July 22

Oh, look what Reformed theologians used to believe 150 years ago!

“The kingdom of God precedes the institution of the church, and will outlast it. The kingdom has come, is constantly coming, and will come in glory. It includes the government of God, and all the religious and moral activities of man. The visible church is a training school for the kingdom.”
-Philip Schaff

The Body of Christ is eternal… but institutions are useful only so long as they help to reach the goal. Organizations that are successful in reaching their goal should shrink in importance: while those groups that are always looking for yet another justification for the money to come in have no intention of reaching any final goal.

This is true, whether that institution is

  • the March of Dimes (polio has been gone for a long time now),
  • the US Military (has the United States ever fought a defensive war?)
  • or the Christian denominations (which will only feed their congregation milk, never meat. “The best way to keep the dependency on, and the money coming!”)

God hates corrupt institutions… and as the corrupt Church is what bears His name, it will be the first to go down. Christians who lie in God’s Name will get punished by His fist before the oppressor, the murderer, the adulterer, the pervert, the thief.

But if you are a Christian in America, you should already know this, as you can see it with your eyes every day of the week, and twice on Sundays,

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