Why Christians Need to Start Being Mean

Time to get tough.

The Floating Axehead

There is an evil monster indwelling you Christian. And it’s not the devil or a demon, it’s called your flesh. It’s ruthless, relentless, cunning, subtle and subversive. It is capable of wreaking destruction in all areas of your life and you are NO match for it. It can create callouses and hardness of heart quicker than you’d imagine. It can create evil so pervasive and insidious that the only thing preventing you from acting on it is the lack of an opportunity to do so. Pride, selfishness and licentiousness are only the beginning. Your flesh is working against you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no holidays, vacation or sick days. What do you think will become of you if you just coast along, willingly ignorant? Do you assume victory over sin is possible with a casual attitude about your sin?


You have only one hope, just…

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