The Fall of the Welfare-State

North spells out in The Repudiation of the Welfare State that when the government goes bankrupt, it loses legitimacy, and a new order rises up in it’s place.

This has been true throughout history, with the bankruptcy of Spain in many times in the past, the current death throes of Venezuela, the earlier collapses of Wiemar Germany and the Soviet Union, and the bankruptcy of the British Empire and Ancient Regime France.

So it will be in the coming decades, when the pointedly anti-Christian welfare states of Europe and North America go bust, destroying the lives, plans, and financial security of millions.

This will definitely include the end of the badly managed government-run medical system. Our Darwinian-Secularistic culture, supposedly atheistic, sees the State as both Saviour and Healer (as well as Lawgiver, and thus the functional Lord and God of all), and so demands that the government controls and provides all health care… which must be free/very low cost, as a sign of its Divinity and Right to Rule.

All that is going to go up in smoke.

The fall of the idols is coming.

Will the Church step up to the plate, and exalt Christ and His Law up to its proper place in society?

I pray that the Church moves to expand the Kingdom of God, as she is commanded to do!


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